Let's take a moment to applaud that unnamed female deputy's courage

Within a very short time, we knew a lot about the Compton shooting of two deputies.  We knew that witnesses to the shooting celebrated and did nothing to help; that Black Lives Matter descended on the hospital, hoped for the deputies' deaths, tried to storm the Emergency Department, and blocked ambulances; and that no one in the Democrat party, from Biden down, called out Black Lives Matter for fomenting this anti-police terrorism, with some actually supporting it.  What we did not know until today was that the female deputy showed extraordinary presence of mind, competence, and courage.

There were two deputies in the car, both of whom had become deputies only 14 months before.  The female deputy is 31 and has a six-year-old son.  The male deputy is only 24. [UPDATE: The female deputy is Claudia Apolinar, a former librarian.]

The would-be assassin shot both deputies multiple times.  The woman took a bullet to the jaw and was shot in both arms.  The man was shot in the head, although, thankfully, the bullet didn't penetrate his brain.  He also suffered other injuries that were severe enough that he would have bled out were it not for his partner's immediate action.

After they were shot, neither deputy had any idea whether there would be more bullets coming.  The female deputy, despite her injuries, managed to get her more badly wounded partner to safety behind a pillar.  She then saved his life with a tourniquet, after which she radioed headquarters for help.  This is a woman you want at your back in any fight.  She kept her cool, never lost her situational awareness, and triumphed over what must have been unimaginable pain and fear.

The following pictures and videos are graphic, raw, and disturbing.  I think, though, that we need to see them because this is what Democrats are doing to America with their race wars and wars on the police.  They are engaged in an overarching, doggedly determined, and unrelenting effort to undermine any semblance of law and order or civil society in America.

Tucker Carlson also played audio of the deputy calling in the shooting. It’s heartrending, but is also awe-inspiring to witness this bravery in real-time.

When Trump gives the next State of the Union address (as I hope he will), it would be a wonderful thing if these deputies could be his guests.  The vast majority of American law enforcement officers are good people, and, as this woman shows, they can be great people.

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