The CDC blatantly violates a Trump order regarding Critical Race Theory

At the beginning of September, the director of the Office of Management and Budget announced that, at President Trump's direction, all federal agencies would be banned from imposing Critical Race Theory (CRT) on their employees.  This was the right thing to do.  CRT is pure racism.  While the KKK was obsessed with blacks and the Nazis were obsessed with Jews, CRT is obsessed with white people.  Teaching it at federal agencies is a shocking violation of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Despite its unconstitutionality and the president's order, though, the CDC is planning to continue CRT training.

Christopher Rufo, who has become the point man for all of these stories about CRT training in the federal government, discovered what he aptly called a "BOMBSHELL."  The CDC is going ahead with its plan — paid for with your money — to impose a thirteen-week-long CRT training program on its employees.

This an important story because it is a nexus of the issues that brought Trump into the White House in 2016.  It's the story of an out-of-control federal agency that feels that no one — and certainly not the constitutional executive of the United States — has any authority over it.

This is the Deep State and the Big Government that Trump promised to bring to heel.  He's fought hard, but he'll need more than four years to destroy this monster.  That's especially true because the monster managed to burn up the first two years of his administration with the Russia Hoax.  It then leveraged the hoax into gaining control of the House for the Democrats.

This is also the story of the terrible racism that the Democrats have unleashed on America.  For more than 100 years, beginning in the 19th century, the Democrats were responsible for the evil racism of white supremacy.  Slavery, the KKK, eugenics, and Jim Crow were all Democrat institutions.  Democrats sought or held on to wealth and power by advancing the idea that skin color determines an individual's worth.

Now the Democrats are back again with the same evil, pernicious idea that skin color determines an individual's worth.  The only difference is that they've flipped the template.  Instead, of obsessing about black skin, they're obsessing about white skin.  You'll see that I'm not exaggerating if you review the materials in Rufo's Twitter thread.























Understand this: if Trump loses and Biden wins, CRT is America's future.  The Democrats are deeply invested in CRT.  To have the races living in harmony, to have people stop fighting for political spoils, to have a society in which people of all races believe in individual liberty, self-reliance, respect for life, and a reliable system of law and order — these are all anathema to the Democrats.  They gain power from chaos and hatred.

Right now, Trump is the only thing that stands between America and a dystopian future that you thought could never happen here.





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