Jewish Democrat bravely asks why Democrats tolerate racism and bigotry

Not afraid to speak out, former New York state assemblyman (representative) Dov Hikind (D), who represented a Brooklyn district with a large traditional Jewish constituency (not to be confused with the 85% or so Jews who confuse Judaism with the oh, so liberal causes du jour) for 35 years until his retirement in December, 2018, blasted U.S. president wannabe Joe Biden (D) for his friendly get-together with avowed racist and bigot Jacob Blake, Sr. (probably D), father of martyred serial abuser of individuals with cervixes (known as women to the 99% non-P.C.) Jacob Blake, Jr. (probably D). 

Interviewed by Tucker Carlson, another individual who also bravely goes up against liberal operatives on television, Hikind

called Biden's meeting with Blake Sr. "pathetic."

"It is hypocrisy, it's a double standard and people need to recognize that. It is just beyond comprehension. Someone who follows Farrakhan, the number one anti-Semite in this country, someone who preaches hate for the Jewish people... and Blake is a follower of Louis Farrakhan spreading his hate on social media to millions of people."

"So how in God's name does the former vice president go and meet with this individual and praise this individual?"

Hikind called on fellow Democrats to "wake up" and see that members of their party are "endangering this country."

"People are afraid and people in my community asked me, is there a future in America? This is what — this is where we are today. Is there a future in America? This the greatest country in the world. We are not perfect, no one is perfect and no country is perfect. But this is the greatest country in the world," he said, adding that while still a registered Democrat, he is "ashamed of the Democratic Party."

"It is a betrayal of all the values that America is all about," said Hikind.

Later, Carlson asked Hikind why Biden wasn't stopped from meeting with Blake Sr.

"It's simple. They are cowards and afraid of upsetting the Democratic Party and the radical left," he responded.

"Isn't it strange that Bernie Sanders and Tlaib and Omar -- isn't it funny how quiet they are?" Hikind continued.

Not "strange" at all, as Hikind, a son of Holocaust-survivors, well knows; the Democratic party is now the Democratic Party of the "radical left" and its racist, bigoted followers.  Why, even the first grandmother to ascend to speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (dark hair today, not gone tomorrow, no matter what, so D) willingly donated 14,000 Democratic Party Benjamins to Minnesota's Ilhan Omar (hate for the county that saved her because Jews dominate, so D) successful re-election campaign to the House of Representatives.

Admittedly, Joe Biden is not much of a bigot; why, even two of his children married Jews!  But his — and/or his handlers' —inability, fear, unawareness of the need to criticize Blake Senior, combined with Leader Pelosi's actions, indicate their — at best — weaknesses, the "radical left's" and their followers, strength in tolerating/advocating hate.  Not funny at all.  And if Biden and Pelosi can't or won't stand up to them, will they stand up to Communist China?  Russia?  Iran?  Not afraid to speak up and ask, Hikind and Carlson revealed the answer.  Thank goodness they're not quiet.  Hopefully you're not, either.

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