It's evening again in Joe Biden's America

The spin is in.

Now that backing the rioters and looters wreaking havoc across the country is a negative for the Democrats, they're blaming the whole mess on Donald Trump.

So, what's the best counter-punch to this typical far-left blame game?

Back in 1984, when President Ronald Reagan was running for re-election, his public relations firm produced one of the most memorable and effective campaign ads in recent history.  Titled "Morning again in America," the ad was narrated by a soothing-voice actor accompanied by visuals: men and women going to work, a small-town wedding, flags — the usual endearing pictures from pretty much Anywhere, USA.

Well, one night last week, while I was again watching news footage of yet another American town ablaze, accompanied by looters running amok as they screamed their vacuous rhetoric in the streets, I turned to my wife and, in a soothing voice, said, "It's evening again in Joe Biden's America."

Then I thought, hey, wouldn't that make the perfect ad for the RNC?  Heck, I'd make it myself if I could edit the video.  All I'd need is 60 seconds from what must be hours of riotous video at this point — and some spot-on copy to be read by a smooth-as-silk voice-over actor.

I googled the copy from the original Reagan ad and did a Joe Biden pilfering act on some of it so it "rang true," and I wrote it all up.  Now all I need is for some enterprising film editor to find a similar V.O. actor (oh, and don't forget to slap together some soothing music in the background!) and put together the script below (tweak it and/or credit me if you'd like).  Then post it on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Instagram and whatever:

It's Evening Again in Joe Biden's America

(V.O.)  It's evening again in Joe Biden's America.

Tonight, more men and women than ever before in our country's history will fear for their lives in what were previously safe neighborhoods — by dawn's early light, their homes and their businesses may be burned to the ground.

Citizens of this once-great nation have no confidence in the future, because godless thugs who declare that "some lives matter" have no respect for ANY one's life.

Under cover of darkness, these psycho-sloganists have emerged from their parents' basements — jazzed on K-cup espressos and month-old Twinkies, armed with frozen water bottles and rocky pieces of garden gnomes.  They lurch onward into someone else's neighborhood — or are bused in by the über-rich who've never once needed to call for an Uber.

Under the bunker-based leadership of a man whose now no more than a cheap wax-museum figure of his former self, Joe Biden, many of the Democrat-run parts of the country are adrift in self-hatred, tribalism, and cancel-culture shenanigans.

Yes, it's evening again in Joe Biden's America — but why would you want to continue with four more years of Donald Trump's vision of safety in the streets?  What's wrong with you?  Only a racist — like Trump — would want to do that.

Check your privilege at the door, pal.

(Biden Sound-alike) I'm Joe Biden and...what was it I was supposed to approve again?

Image credit: KGW8 via YouTube screen shot, processed with FotoSkecher.

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