Hard truth: American colleges are cults

Millions of college students are returning to campus, and administrators and professors are eager to spread their teachings to these impressionable youths.  Unfortunately, modern education comes with a heavy dose of "woke" politics that students of all political stripes simply cannot escape at their colleges and universities. There is another word for it: propaganda.  In today's day and age, more and more left-wing administrators and professors see higher education as an opportunity to steer students to a "woke" brand of politics.  These pupils, many raised with participation trophy–style parenting, too often fall victim to their top-down indoctrination.  According to a 2016 study, liberal professors outnumber conservatives 12 to one.  More recent research reveals that nearly 50 percent of professors are registered Democrats, while fewer than six percent are registered Republicans. The...(Read Full Post)
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