Handmaid's Tale? Leftist handmaidens destroyed the USA

Many rational people who attempted to read Margaret Atwood's dystopian The Handmaid's Tale (1985) found it a big yawn.  But the left loved it.  So Hulu (a Disney company partly owned by Comcast), naturally made a mini-series of it.

Now we have the left opining, on September 21, that people like Amy Barrett were the inspiration for that totalitarian nightmare.  "Amy Coney Barrett, a favorite to be President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is affiliated with a type of Christian religious group that served as inspiration for Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel, The Handmaid's Tale."

I suggest that the boot is on the other foot!  It has been the women of the left who are first and foremost the handmaidens responsible for the appalling state of the nation and its totalitarian, "woke" culture — and their narcissist soy boys like former President Obama, Trudeau of Canada, Newsom of California, et al.  Looked at in this light, Joe Biden is the perfect Democrat candidate!  As a white, ineffectual, imbecilic male, ready to drop off the perch, he is exactly what Democrat women love — and why they detest his opposite, Donald Trump.

Women now have enormous political power through sheer numbers.  Although there has been no female president as yet, women are heavily represented at all levels of the political, legal, bureaucratic, educational, health, H.R., and local county sectors.  Women are a determinative voting segment, and younger women have been educated to identify with the left.  Therefore, it is their policies, and their values alone, that have been enacted, including claiming the murder of their unborn children as their natural right.

It is the handmaiden founders of Black Lives Matter who have denigrated women's traditional role (part of the "oppressive patriarchy") and who have encouraged street violence.

It is the handmaidens working for Planned Parenthood who have joked about selling aborted baby body parts.  And it was Kamala Harris, when she was A.G. of California, who viciously prosecuted the young man who exposed that scandal, after she had received a hefty donation from Planned Parenthood.

So what area of the dystopian, censored "woke" society we now find ourselves in are women not responsible for?  The Deep State?  Oh, no!  We have the corruption of HRC — and scandal after scandal involving female politicians and officeholders, day after day.  The latest is handmaid Ilhan Omar's treacherous ballot-harvesting in Minneapolis. 

Professor Janice Fiamengo's YouTube "Fiamengo Files" (now very heavily censored) give witness to the diabolical hatred of men that characterizes these feminist handmaidens.  And we have Jane Fonda telling us why women are at the forefront of the unscientific climate change hoax, where men are accused of raping Gaia!  Nancy Pelosi, in an attempt to distract attention from her hairdo hissy fit and the left's mismanagement of forest areas, has told us Mother Nature is angry.  Nor can we overlook that handmaiden of Gaia, the squinty-eyed Greta Thunberg.  As for globalism, the U.N. says women are key to that supra-nationalist organization's sustainable development goals.  Translate: New World Order.

Teenage handmaidens are at the forefront of the LGBT+ gender revolution, as revealed by Abigail Shrier in her book Irreversible Damage:  The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.  The health industry is on board and immediately affirms the young handmaidens' self-diagnosis, frequently entailing drastic surgery and hormonal intervention.

One can only ask what else remains for these handmaidens to destroy.  Virtually nothing.  Traditional hearth and home demolished.  Constitutional law shredded.  Civil war lit.  Gender confusion.  A.I.-human interface planned.  They have, with the help of their male enablers and those who do not see themselves as the beneficiaries of dead, white males, chopped out, erased, expunged, and revoked the Western heritage, root and branch.  Yet, having accomplished all of this, they are unhappy.  It's not enough.  There are still those who dare to protest against them, like the illustrious signatories of the recent Philadelphia Statement, courteously requesting a return to freedom of speech in the cause of liberal democracy.  They will be canceled out because the Amazon handmaids have debauched the language as well, using the terminology of liberal democracy to mean its opposite (exactly as their buddies, the Chinese, do).

But there is hope.  We know from history that moral decay eventually leads to societal collapse — and the opportunity to rebuild anew.  I believe we may be witnessing not the beginning of a new nightmare, but the final death agonies of the feminist dystopia, paralleled in the fate of Joe Biden.

Intrinsic to the human psyche is a foundational desire to adore the Eternal Good — which many call "God."  When that is replaced by the lust for power, as Faust testified, hell enters.  In making that Faustian bargain, by exchanging womanly graces for vengeful power, the handmaids sowed the seeds of their own destruction.  That is the chaos we now behold. 

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