Tens of thousands of people march through DC, praying, and MSM don't notice

We know that the Dems are laser-focused on destroying the legal rock-star Amy Coney Barrett, a Catholic whom Trump nominated for the RBG Supreme Court vacancy.  The Dems seem terrified by Amy's genuine Catholicism. 

Meanwhile, Franklin Graham was able to organize a massive prayer march on Saturday, 26 September in Washington, D.C., drawing tens of thousands of participants.  (Some estimates say it exceeded 50,000.)  It began at the Lincoln Memorial and ended outside the U.S. Capitol Building.  Vice President Mike Pence and his wife made a surprise appearance.

Despite the size and scope of this event, the Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper, with offices slightly over 100 miles south of D.C., failed to mention it.  It was similarly missed by the local Richmond TV news.  For those depending solely on information from the local media, this major event never happened.

I first learned of it from an Army chaplain friend stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C.  He stayed at my home Friday night before driving to D.C. the next morning to participate.  After the march was over, he confirmed that the crowd was massive and added that everyone remained orderly and peaceful.  There were no bricks or Molotov cocktails thrown, no profanity-laced graffiti or any sign of violence.  In addition, the crowd left behind no piles of trash for others to clean up unlike marches sponsored by the left.

A detailed report with several photos and videos of this otherwise invisible event was found at Heavy.com.  According to the Religion News Service (RNS), Franklin Graham described the purpose of the prayer march this way

It's important that men and women of God come to Washington, and let's call on his name and ask for his help[.] ... We are so divided, politically, morally, spiritually.  We're just divided.  We pray that God can help unite this nation to be truly the United States of America.

The RNS also reported political overtones despite Graham's insistence that the march is not an effort to encourage voting or to rally evangelicals to the polls.  His stated agenda was to get people to repent and pray.  However, the RNS reported that Graham echoed several GOP talking points.  But then again, the election this November 3 could determine whether the left's war on our religious freedom will succeed or fail, so injecting some partisan politics makes sense. 

Nearly a century ago, Antonio Gramsci, the father of cultural Marxism, proposed a long-term goal that explains the purpose of the left's current war on Christianity.  He said, "Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity.  Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society."  Gramsci's plan has achieved remarkable success this century, making this election a potential game-changer.  Trump and now Amy Coney Barrett are in the way.  Choose your candidates wisely.

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