Goodbye to journalism

Perhaps nothing has hurt the (already tattered) reputation of the mainstream media more than the aiding and abetting of the Biden campaign.  The continued spectacle of media anchors gently tossing softball questions to Biden without follow-ups and the total indifference to Slow Joe's outrageous verbal meanderings are incomprehensible, even to the casual politico.  Network anchors don't even try to hide their partisanship when interacting with the two candidates.  Pleasant, shiny demeanors beam enthusiastically toward Biden, while hostile, furrowed faces take aim at Trump.  Great parody masked as journalism.  

Victor Davis Hanson's recent article, "Media Helps Biden's Wizard of Oz Campaign," portrays the man-behind-the-curtain control of Biden.  The old white guy with the levers, however, proved to be generous and knowing.  For one thing, he put the right people in charge.  Biden's controllers, on the other hand, are nefarious and cruel.  They continue to exploit a delusional, addled old man, knowing that the media will provide the necessary cover for their reprehensible puppeteering.

The media are wearing blinders while allowing the Biden campaign to hold the reins.  How pathetic to call oneself a journalist, reading off one side's prepared questions, knowing that the response will be a word-for-word prepared answer.  The fading integrity of the media is akin to the fading mental faculties of the Democrat candidate they are protecting.  This last bit of partisan activism, masquerading as responsible reporting, will be the last and final straw to the reputations of those complicit, as well as to the profession itself.

Image: Pixabay