'Wake-up time': Voters are waking up to the stakes in the presidential election

Polls show a fast-growing voter trend away from Joe Biden and toward President Trump's re-election.

The "why" of this is simple — and predicted by many knowing people.

Basically, it is that we have reached "wake-up time."  People, including those with at most a passing interest in politics, are now starting to seriously consider the choices in November's election.

Simply put, how can anyone actually support what the Democrats have been offering?  Crime and violence.  Rioting and looting.  Disintegration of the family.  Rewarding irresponsibility.  Punishing policemen who do what they have to do to defend themselves while arresting repeat criminals who have in some cases been preying on society for years.  Outsourcing American jobs and making that profitable for a Democratic Party candidate's family members.  Keeping schools closed.  Keeping businesses closed — with exceptions for, again, politicians and their own families.  Endless nastiness.  And the pitting of one American against another — against our own neighbors!

Along with all that, there is now the growingly obvious contradiction between what people see with their own eyes and what the media tell them is supposedly happening.  There's the realization that most of the "news" is a twisted lie.  This, while real news, important and often uplifting stories (such as the winding down of foreign wars and entanglements and the start of true peace in the Middle East), is being ignored and buried.

America has worked for nearly two hundred and fifty years because most people are not only "smart," but often way smarter in a practical way than those who pride themselves in their own elite "smartness."  And indeed, those supposedly "elite" people are often shown to be quite stupid.

Open eyes show all the above.  And that the division that has already taken place shows a dividing line separating failure, widespread poverty, devolving morality, and broken communities — many of them large (our nation's cities!) and other communities — those outside of the grip of the experts and the "woke" and the "now" — that are peaceful; prosperous; safe; and, despite all the world's problems, still relatively joy-filled.

You see this, don't you?  So do I.  How can anyone not see it unless he simply refuses to?

And so it is happening.

Once again this leaves me to say it: smile, people.  Smile.  And keep busy and open and frank about who is on America's side and who simply isn't.

The latter these days sadly includes most of the Democratic Party.

And thus, we shall and must soon vote them out.

Image credit: FogCityMidge via Twitter, screen shot.

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