Ginsburg's death won't make things any easier for Biden

Politics aside, Justice Ginsburg was an extraordinary woman.  Her battle against cancer was an inspiration for all who've dealt with it directly or indirectly.  So rest in peace, Justice Ginsburg. Now back to the real world. Justice Ginsburg will mobilize both sides but will present more problems for Mr. Biden.  Let me explain why: First, we already know whom President Trump is likely to nominate.  He put out his list of candidates weeks ago. Second, Mr. Biden has been avoiding releasing a list because the left will go crazy if the choices are more moderate than radical.  In other words, don't expect a Merrick Garland to please that bunch. The pressure will grow on Mr. Biden to give us a name, and that's where his troubles begin. Before Justice Ginsburg's death, Mr. Biden could get away with saying "trust me and you'll be happy with my selection."  He can't do that...(Read Full Post)
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