Dems threaten apocalypse while promising apocalypse

The left was always going to riot in Louisville no matter how the Breonna Taylor shooting case turned out.  The grand jury could have brought 1st Degree Murder charges against all three of the officers, and those two policemen would have still suffered "mostly peaceful" gunshot wounds during the riots.  Bathetically, the "edge of your seat" media reportage warned of violence that anyone who has been paying attention these previous months knew was coming regardless of what the grand jury decided.

It is the same with the Democrats and RBG; for years they have been promising to pack the Supreme Court, do away with the filibuster, eliminate the Electoral College, make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. states, split California into as many as five states.  It is not much of a threat if it was going to be done anyway.  Yet they think Americans will believe that it could have been avoided had the orange man just allowed the next president to fill the seat.

This works for them because they fully intend to steal this election one way or another, even if they must devolve into outright rebellion.  In addition, another conservative on the court will hurt their plans should the election come down to a Supreme Court decision as it did in 2000.

Democrats deserve respect for their audacity.  They are gaslighting Americans through a cacophonous Democrat/media echo chamber of veiled promises including a potential "will of the people" insurrection purportedly forced upon them by an "outlaw" president exercising his constitutional prerogative of naming a successor to the "Notorious" Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats have shown they cannot be trusted.  They are willing to dispense with all norms to get what they want.  Their minions have been in open and violent rebellion for months without repercussions.  They have needlessly quarantined the healthy to protect those at risk — whom through their eldercare home policies they killed anyway.  They have crippled the most dynamic economy in the world merely to blame the misery on a political opponent with little consideration for the families destroyed and lives lost.

Their threats to dispense with convention and incite violence should Trump successfully get his third Supreme Court Justice ring hollow.  It has always been their plan.

Most people have concluded that it was unlucky for the Democrats that Ginsburg perished before January 20, 2021.  But that is not true.  Her death is nothing more than an excuse.

"It was Merrick Garland's seat" is the common refrain you hear on every channel and see in every leftist screed.  They tell the nation that the Republicans established a precedent when Senate leader Mitch McConnell refused to even allow a vote on Merrick Garland, whom Barack Obama nominated to the court after the death of Antonin Scalia in 2016.

But Merrick Garland did not get a vote because the Republicans controlled the Senate and decided not to give him a vote.  Does anyone seriously believe that, had the Democrats controlled the Senate when Trump nominated Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, the Democrats would have given either one a vote?

So now they threaten apocalypse, while the termagant Nancy Pelosi talks about her quiver.

They have intimated that renewed and targeted "organic" rioting will become endemic as the Senate takes up Trump's pick for RBG's replacement.  It is not as if they were not already rioting.  They will, however, utilize a new tactic, to "take and hold ground."  The way it works is that protestors seize strategic areas nonviolently, issue demands, and dare police to evict them — blocking a key intersection or two will suffice.  The "where" will be chosen by its ability to inconvenience as many people as possible with the smallest footprint — nothing as grand as what was tried in Seattle.  No rioting is needed.  They will organize and just take over, blocking all entrances and exits.  They will then hunker down and arm up, letting authorities know they will not be removed by anything short of outright battle with many casualties.

So here we are.  Unlike in days gone by when Republicans were so afraid of media wrath and opprobrium, they would cede their power to the Democrats on most issues, thereby choosing to lose gracefully. Trump and today's Republicans (mostly, at least) are not averse to winning ugly.

A Republican president and a Republican Senate are going to seat Ginsburg's replacement whether the Democrats like it or not.

As for their threats, the Democrats have taken the low road so many times that threatening actions already promised as part of the plan, as it happens, is not very threatening.  The Democrats and their propaganda allies in the media can squawk all they like, but if McConnell has the votes, there is not a damn thing they can do about it.

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