It's time to throw serious support to Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

The hashtag #LindseyGrahamIsLosing was trending on Twitter on Thursday.  That doesn't mean he's losing — a lot of it seems to be leftist wishful thinking — but he's facing a challenging contest for the first time in a long time.  Lindsey needs help, and it's up to conservatives who want to maintain a Senate majority to give it to him.

Graham has held his Senate seat since 2003.  Before that, he was in the House from 1995 to 2002, and before that, he was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives for a couple of years.  A lawyer by trade, Lindsey seems to be a purely political animal.  Or is he?

Did you know that Graham also served in the Air Force as a judge advocate general, rising to the rank of colonel before he left the reserve in 2015?  And did you know that he has a fast and wicked sense of humor?  When he's doing a relaxed interview, he's fun.

Here's something else I learned about Graham by reading his Wikipedia page: his parents died within 15 months of each other, leaving behind Lindsey, only 22, and his sister Darline, 13, whom he then helped raise.  Kudos to Graham.

I mention those last two things because, despite having been on the political scene for a long time, Graham still can surprise.  He mostly wants to practice politics in the old-fashioned, gentlemanly way, which sees reciprocal courtesies between representatives of both parties.

After all, as the medieval philosophers knew, the Wheel of Fate rolls around; first you're up, then you're down.  If you've made too many enemies during the high times, you're going to find yourself without friends during the low times.

In the past, Graham tended to follow Sen. John McCain's leadership.  However, whatever McCain was early in his career, by the end of his career, he was an angry little man who put his ego ahead of his country.  I can honor him for his service and suffering in the 1960s without ever forgiving him for his backstabbing once Trump became president.  His departure from the Senate was a good thing for conservative values.

For Graham, especially with McCain gone, the Kavanaugh hearings forced him to realize that the Senate's gentlemen's club is gone.  There is no more camaraderie as the same faces roll in out and of committees.  Instead, the new generation of Democrats engages in scorched earth warfare.  Everything becomes a battle to the death, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the utterly unprincipled attacks on Justice Kavanaugh's reputation.  That's when Graham had his magnificent moment:

The gentlemanly Southern worm had turned.  And for the most part, Graham has stayed turned.  He can be wobbly at times — his nature is to be nice — but he's been a pretty decent Trump-supporter, which means we want him to stay in the Senate, especially because the Republican majority is so slender.

Democrats desperately want Graham out.  To that end, they're running Jaime Harrison against Graham.  Harrison is a cookie-cutter leftist.  He worked for the Podesta Group, which means he has deep Clinton ties.  Once in politics, he rose quickly through the ranks and will be a reliable hard left vote for Chuckie Schumer should the Senate go Democrat.

Harrison's real advantage in the race is money.  He's rolling in it.  This isn't because people in South Carolina are enthusiastic about him.  Instead, Harrison is this year's Beto — the one the left has selected to beat a powerful Republican and turn a red state blue.  By the end of August, Harrison had raised $10.6 million, one of the largest Senate campaign hauls in America.

The left is going hard against Graham in other ways.  Leftists are raising the old standby of Russian collusion, they're letting everyone know that this is the chance to get South Carolina, and they're encouraging donations from Anywhere USA — meaning the South Carolina voters are losing control over their state's election.

To those of you from South Carolina, I don't care if you're not too fond of Graham.  He's what we've got, and he's a pretty darn good guy most of the time (which is more than you can say for many politicians).  He needs our help.  America needs him in the Senate.  Make sure you go to your local polling place on November 3 and vote for Trump, Graham, and whatever other Republican candidates are on your ballot.  This year, even the dog-catcher matters.

And no matter where you are, if you can, please donate to Graham's campaign.  I've already done so and urge you to do so as well.

Image: Lindsey Graham goes to war for Kavanaugh.  YouTube screen grab.