Christians and BLM

A comfortably predictable future in America, even 12 years ago, suddenly has question marks all over it.  

Whatever the answers to those questions, one thing is certain: if you're a Christian, this is not the time to be uncertain about who you are and what you believe;  what your values are and what you're willing to live for or perhaps even die for.  That luxury was never valid; now it is both foolish and invalid. 

The rioters plaguing our land from sea to shining sea supposedly target racism, police brutality, white privilege, capitalism, and any number of other real or imagined ills, but a curious seeker after the motivational impulse behind such rage and wanton destruction will quickly find the answer in his literature: their guiding philosophy is Marxist, and Marx was first a Christ-hater before he was anything else.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that BLM leaders see their organization as first and foremost a spiritual movement opposed to the Judeo-Christian tradition.  Belief in traditional Western cultural values, American exceptionalism, God, and moral truth is seen as stupid and evil, in need of being destroyed. 

This moment has been a long time coming.  Soon after Marxists conquered Russia and moved quickly toward the establishment of the Soviet Union and worldwide Marxist rule beyond that, they began plotting the downfall of the United States in recognition of the fact that while America remained strong, free, capitalist, rich, and foundationally Christian, their goal could not be met.  Cultural Marxist Antonio Gramsci advocated a "long march through the culture," subverting a nation through the gradual infiltration and ultimate annexation of its institutional and cultural foundations including education, the media, the judiciary, the entertainment industry, and the political establishment. 

It has taken about 100 years for their dream to come within reach.  Everything is in place for the proletarian revolution at last to be fully realized: only one election in the United States stands between them and victory. 

They don't plan to lose this time. 

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