On Israel, not only is Biden's timing terrible, but he also misunderstands reality

There was a lot of laughter about the fact that, on the same day Biden announced that Trump is "dangerous" to Israel, Trump announced that Bahrain has followed in the United Arab Emirates' footsteps and is normalizing its relations with Israel.  Biden's epic timing problem reflects a deeper issue, which is his — and the left's — failure to understand the miracle that Trump is working in the Middle East.

Biden made the statement during a virtual fundraiser that J Street organized.  The media like to characterize J Street as a "liberal" Jewish group concerned about Middle East policies, but that's a serious misrepresentation.  J Street, which had its glory days during the Obama administration, is made up of hard-left Jewish activists who accept the false premise that Jews — who are the indigenous people on that holy land — are Western colonizers.

Because these leftist Jews are ignorant, J Street pursues an agenda that is hostile to Israel's existence.  This includes supporting anti-Semitic and anti-Israel political candidates and putting its weight behind Hamas, which is openly dedicated to a genocidal war against Israel.  This attitude is certainly in sync with other Biden-supporters, such as Jacob Blake, Sr.

During his presentation to the J Street crowd, Biden made the following statement:

"Trump's [sic] put Israel in danger by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal and replaced it with nothing," Biden said Thursday. "He's allowed Israel's foes to take residence in Syria, a dangerous power vacuum has formed. [sic] He's undermined the stability of self-determination for the Palestinians, undercutting hope for a viable two-state solution any chance that he gets." [sic]

Within a short time of Biden's word-soup pronouncement that Trump is a "danger" to Israel, the White House announced that Bahrain had followed in the UAE's footsteps and agreed to normalize its relationship with Israel.

Thomas Lifson wrote an outstanding piece yesterday about the preference cascade in Israel's favor, in which he detailed all of the events that have happened under Trump's watch to increase Israel's security and to create a collection of mutually beneficial relationships throughout the Middle East.  His point is that we're witnessing a "preference cascade," which sees various nations spotting a trend and eager to get on board.

Biden does not understand what is happening.  He's making the same mistake the entire foreign policy establishment has made for decades, which is to believe that the Palestinians matter.  As Biden said, "he's undermined the stability of self-determination for the Palestinians, undercutting hope for a viable two-state solution[.]"

Trump understood, as all Israel-supporters have long understood, that there was never going to be a two-state solution.  Israel was always willing to exchange land for peace.  It was the Palestinians, whether in the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority or in Gaza, under Hamas, who were opposed to the two-state solution.  Their single, loudly, and explicitly stated goal has been for a "judenrein" (free of Jews) Palestine "from the river to the sea."

Trump, however, went off in a different direction from all other negotiators.  Everyone kept trying to sweeten the pot for the Palestinians to entice them to come to the table and "make peace."  Trump's approach was to decide to make the Palestinians irrelevant.  He took both Jerusalem and the Golan Heights off the table, and they were helpless to stop it.  That made for instant irrelevancy.

It helped that Trump (unlike Biden) had a broad enough perspective to recognize three essential things about the surrounding Sunni Arab nations.  First, Obama's beloved Iran deal terrified them.  As Israel made clear when Benjamin Netanyahu begged the U.S. Senate to oppose the deal, Israel was also terrified.  Ironically, Obama helped create peace in the Middle East by pushing Israel and the Sunni states into an alliance against Iran.  Both Israel and the Sunni nations are deeply concerned about Biden's promise that he'll immediately reinstate the Iran deal.

Second, Trump understands money and business.  The Sunni states are hurting, in part because the oil under their sands is getting harder to reach and, in part, because America has now become a net energy exporter.  Third, using that understanding, Trump was able to convince the Sunni states that their future lies with profitable alliances with Israel, rather than trying to suck the last drops of oil out of the sand.  And with that alliance, they can stop having to support the whiny, violent Palestinians, whom none of the Sunni states likes.

With the Palestinians out of the way, nothing stands between peace between Israel and her Sunni neighbors.  Because Biden still thinks the Palestinians matter, even as the Gulf Arabs are grateful to know they don't, he'll always be stuck behind the eight ball, looking stupid and making ill timed remarks, when it comes to Israel's national security and peace in the Middle East.

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