Capitalism is moral

In order to save our country, we need to defend and preserve our system of capitalism.  It cannot be defended by simply pointing out that socialism has never worked or by pointing out that capitalism is the only system that has raised people out of poverty.  Socialists don't seem to care about these facts.  Instead, they claim that they can implement socialism the right way. It is hard to defend capitalism because it has been under attack for decades and the attacks are believed.  Many of these assaults have taken place in school with numerous subtle or outright negative comments found in history books or voiced by educators, not to mention the outright distortions about capitalism.  One of the most common objections to capitalism is that it is wrong to be pursuing one's own happiness because we should be helping others instead. The message is that it is moral to live for others, but not for yourself.  If it is...(Read Full Post)
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