Capitalism is moral

In order to save our country, we need to defend and preserve our system of capitalism.  It cannot be defended by simply pointing out that socialism has never worked or by pointing out that capitalism is the only system that has raised people out of poverty.  Socialists don't seem to care about these facts.  Instead, they claim that they can implement socialism the right way.

It is hard to defend capitalism because it has been under attack for decades and the attacks are believed.  Many of these assaults have taken place in school with numerous subtle or outright negative comments found in history books or voiced by educators, not to mention the outright distortions about capitalism.  One of the most common objections to capitalism is that it is wrong to be pursuing one's own happiness because we should be helping others instead.

The message is that it is moral to live for others, but not for yourself.  If it is immoral to live for yourself, then capitalism must be immoral.  And that is the reason why capitalism is so hard to defend, because most people accept the morality that one must live for others.

The Declaration of Independence rejects that morality.  That document gave Americans the right to live their own lives and pursue their own happiness.  It didn't say citizens were required to live their lives in subservience to others.  Accepting that one must live for others is the morality of slavery and leads to socialism.

Living one's life for oneself does not mean you don't care about others.  People who value their own lives and act in their own best interest, appreciate and esteem their loved ones, their family, their friends, and by extension all good people.

There is no conflict between pursuing your own happiness and helping others whom you have chosen to help.  Contrary to what leftists claim, people do not need to be forced to do it; it is a natural part of life for benevolent individuals.  People help each other every day, and it is in one's interest to do so, provided it is done voluntarily and there are no undesirable or damaging consequences for either person.

Defending capitalism must be done on a moral level because most people want to be ethical and decent.  Don't let those who support socialism take the moral high ground because their morality is wrong.  Reject the morality of slavery and embrace the morality of self-interest.  Then stand tall and proclaim without reservation that capitalism is right because it is moral.

Charlotte Cushman is a Montessori educator and authored Montessori: Why It Matters for Your Child's Success and HappinessEffective Discipline the Montessori Way, and Your Life Belongs to You.  She has been involved in the study of Ayn Rand's philosophy since 1970.

Image: Brionv