America's tech tyrants will do anything to elect Biden

If you watched Tucker Carlson's show on Friday night, you're probably pretty depressed right now.  The entire show was devoted to the fact that the Big Tech companies — Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube (which Google owns) — are working hard to ensure that Trump cannot win the presidency.

Their work takes many forms.  There's the money aspect — these young(ish) tech titans emerged from an American education system that taught them to hate their country.  Like Obama, they believe that it needs to change fundamentally and, preferably, change to a place in which they can be fabulously wealthy while they control the lives of the little people.  (Put that way, they're yearning for a Chinese or North Korean form of government.)  They are therefore willing to fund just about any leftist enterprise that will take America farther from her constitutional roots and move her toward leftism. 

Tucker discussed the known fact that Google has altered its search algorithms to ensure that when people type in a query, the search engine will not return any conservative sites in its answers.  (We believe that this has affected American Thinker.)  Breitbart and Gateway Pundit know that they have been affected by the algorithm change.

Through YouTube, Google also pulls down or demonetizes conservative content, especially content that challenges the Democrats' Wuhan virus narrative.  Facebook does the same.  Twitter routinely locks out conservative views with which it disagrees, including censoring President Trump.

The window of time within which to fix this was the first two years of the Trump administration.  However, a feckless, selfish, weak Republican cohort preferred to cozy up to the tech tyrants, rather than defend American rights.  Trump was also kept preoccupied with the Russia Hoax, a narrative clearly aimed as much to disable Trump's effectiveness as it was to push him out of office.  Once the Democrats won the House (helped by Big Tech), Republicans could no longer legislate the problem away.

Tucker also interviewed former acting attorney general Matt Whitaker.  Whitaker agreed that there's a serious problem but hinted that the current attorney general, William Barr, has plans.  They'd better be darn good plans, as there are only two months left before the election.

Below, you will find Tucker's superb (and scary) opening monologue, as well as Whitaker's suggestion that Barr has something coming down the pipeline for the Tech Tyrants who are using their power to destroy free elections.

Also, just for fun, the trilogy of videos wraps up with comedian JP Sears, who got censored by YouTube.  He created a powerful and funny video about the opacity and dangerousness of YouTube's censorship process.  (And yes, I appreciate the irony that the video is currently running on YouTube.)

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