A sporting proposition...

I have a proposition: let's dumb down everyone in sports to the lowest common denominator.

Radical Democrats already want everyone to have equality in medical care, pay, housing, jobs, schools, access to transportation, internet, college, child care, food, time off, etc., etc., etc.

Why not in sports?  Professional and amateur.

After all, "all men are created equal," so when they develop into adults, they can do anything.  Right? 

Let's be real: it's a dream.  A nice dream, but an unrealistic one.  People, some being human beings, come in all sizes, shapes, and intellect.  Sorry — no matter how hard you try, in any endeavor, there will always be someone, at a moment in time, or a lifetime, who will exceed your capabilities or prowess — especially in sports.

Think anyone can be LeBron James?  Tom Brady?  I'll just focus on American basketball and football for purposes of this article.  You geniuses can comment about other sports off-line but not in this article.  Write about your own favorites — hockey, all kinds of racing, golf, soccer, swimming, baseball — you name it, you write it.  

I'm totally fed up with the current politicizing, pandering and complaining by some black athletes who are paid way too much for playing a game and who want us to kneel, raise our arm, and play another alternate national anthem.

Talk about dividing America!  I'm not buying any more tickets and have turned the tube to another channel.

But I digress — let's move on.

Here's what I propose for the NBA and NFL: equality.  Right now there are simply too many blacks playing in basketball and football.  If I were a thinking radical Democrat, I'd call this disparity racist with a capital "R."  Really?

What we need is a quota system!  You know, how we allow only a certain percentage of Asians, Catholics, Jews, Italians, etc. into certain universities, gated neighborhoods, country clubs, and so on.

Since blacks make up only 13% of the U.S. population, only 13% of all basketball and football players should be black.  (Ditto for other sports, especially the lily-white ones such as hockey, swimming events in the Olympics, NASCAR, etc.  Those sports will have to be adjusted as well.)

Equality for all!

If this concept is accepted, we will have to rely on the U.S. Census (every ten years) to tell us what percentage of the populations we can use in all of our sports, not just basketball and football. 

There will be no exceptions, even if the best qualified candidates are not selected.  No more free agency for players!  No more draft picks!  All teams will now be equally mediocre.  And, don't forget, equal salaries for all!  

Strict quotas will be enforced at all levels of the sport, including workers in stadiums.

Further, this concept could eventually be adapted for all aspects of society — actors, producers in films, news and weather reporters, science, medicine, the arts, workers in the truck and automobile industries, the military, governments, you name it.  Proper racial, ethnic, and religious percentages everywhere!

We must, for the sake of social and political correctness, embrace dumbness for all!

George Orwell would be proud of this new development.

I also think the communists, fascists, and socialists, and some radical Democrats, would be happy as well — but not the ruling elites in each of these groups.  Someone has to make the rules and be in charge   Right?

Sound like a nightmare?  Be sure to vote.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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