Will California go pedo?

California state senator and radical gay activist from San Francisco Scott Wiener introduced a bill (SB 145) that would decriminalize men having sex with young boys and no one blinked. If this passes, California parents will have no legal recourse against men who rape, grope, molest, seduce, sexually assault, or proposition their sons.  No one is suggesting all gay men are predators as Wiener would have you believe, but the fact is, any man of any sexual proclivity who touches a young boy is a predator whose only place of residence should be a penitentiary where he can never touch a young boy again.  Forever.  The state is obligated to protect our children against this kind of predatory sexual behavior -- not encourage or reward it -- whether the perps are priests, teachers, straight or gay, male or female.  And parents are duty-bound to fight against this kind of asininity.  In the meantime, if you live in the Golden State, watch your sons like a hawk and plan to move. 

Perhaps not ironically, president of the Government Accountability Institute  Peter Schweizer details in his book Profiles in Corruption:  Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite and revealed on Tucker Carlson, that Kamala Harris neglected to prosecute anyone in the church sexual abuse scandal during her tenure both as San Francisco district attorney from 2004-2011 and California attorney general from 2011-2017.  Schweizer reported “[O]f the 50 largest cities in America, all 50 of them prosecuted at least one case during that time period, except for Kamala Harris.” 

This shocking dereliction of duty occurred despite compelling evidence handed over to Harris in 2004 from San Francisco’s outgoing district attorney and Democrat Terence Hallinan, who had been aggressively investigating claims and had copious incriminating documents against Catholic priests.  Instead of picking up that baton and pursuing justice, Harris flushed the evidence down the memory hole and where it is nobody knows. 

What does this have to do with Scott Wiener?  Both he and Harris are part of a subculture in California that advocates what every parent knows is criminal behavior endangering the mental and physical wellbeing of our boys, all in the name of LGBTQ equality.  Wiener and his fellow travelers in the Bay Area have stifled any rational discussion about the bill with preemptive accusations that it would be rank homophobia.  Given today’s cancel culture, people are afraid to speak out lest they be labeled with a giant H for “homophobe,” descended upon by angry hordes, and lose their jobs, maybe even their lives.  But every caring parent knows this ain’t woke; it’s broke.  Maybe Kamala Harris would feel differently if she had children.  Maybe then she would know the constant worry parents face not only for their daughters but now, their sons, too. 

Once again, California is the canary in the coal mine:  what starts out as a fringe San Francisco subculture that makes any sane person cringe, will soon be mainstreamed into California law and eventually end up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk.  With Harris’ mishandling of the church sex-abuse scandal, we should not be surprised if she introduces California’s brand of noxious and permissible sexual predation to the nation as a whole. 

It’s up to Trump and Pence to hold her accountable for her past sins of neglecting the victims of pedophilia, and they should put her on the spot regarding Wiener’s bill: is she for the children who are the victims, or the men who prey on them?    

Image: Wikamedia

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