Who is Curbing Their Enthusiasm Now? A Road Trip Across America

According to “TruePundit,” insiders at the DoJ and FBI say there is substantial evidence implicating Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden in “Spygate.” 

However, they have been directed to “stand down,” allegedly by Attorney General William Barr, literally giving the ex-president and ex-vice president de facto immunity.  President Trump recently said something along the lines that Barr could be politically correct or he could do the right thing and show that there are not two tiers of justice.  A data point is the plea deal with Kevin Clinesmith.  Whoopee! One of the co-conspirators in Spygate gets a literal pass.  His attorney claims that Clinesmith, a lawyer, didn’t know that he was lying to the FISA court.  Add that one to the what-a-crock barrel.

What happened to the USDA John Huber investigation of the Clinton Foundation?  Peter Schweizer did superb investigations on the alleged misuse of funds.  Uranium One comes to mind as one of many associated examples.  AG Bill Barr shut it down.  Needless to say, enthusiasm levels for justice being served on elites has been curbed. 

Jack Cashill wrote an article a few weeks ago about traveling from Kansas City to elsewhere in the USA.  My Venezuelan-born wife and I traveled recently from Florida to California by car.  We visited family as we cruised through 15 states, including Kansas.  It was wonderful to see my wife enjoy sights that I had seen as a kid such as Mt. Rushmore and Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park.  We were bummed out that we made the drive to the entrance of Yosemite Park but were denied access since we had not obtained a permit.  We spent the night in Tulare, California before going to Sequoia National Park and seeing the General Sherman Tree.  I hope the anarchists like Antifa don’t try to cut down this living monument to a Civil War General.  They would not know or care what side he was on.  We loved seeing the banners out for Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), urging citizens to look at the facts (concerning Obamagate/Spygate).  Congressman Nunes is clearly one of our American heroes.

As we traveled through the states of GA, NC, TN, MO, AR, KS, NE, SD, WY, MT, ID, WA, OR, NV, and CA, one thing struck us more than anything.  We saw “TRUMP 2020” signs in each state, even the bluest of the blue.  As we were driving through the beautiful Wind River Canyon, we saw a large TRUMP 2020 banner.  As we drove a few miles further we saw the only “BIDEN 2020” sign during our 17-day trip.  A former client of mine in the early '80s married a lovely lady whose family had a ranch on the Wind River.  Their neighbor was the “swashbuckling” attorney, Gerry Spence, who made millions by representing the little guy (e.g. Karen Silkwood).  Spence was a staunch Democrat.  I thought maybe this was his family promoting Sleepy Joe.

What struck us most was that most of the TRUMP 2020 signs were not the little “Burma Shave” signs I saw as a kid.  These were huge banners.  We saw several farmers and ranchers who were operating equipment that had banners for Trump displayed proudly as they were operating their tractors, for example.  Yes, the observations were mostly in suburban or rural areas.  But when we went to hotels and restaurants at many locations, people, either openly or through overheard conversations, were talking about the benefits of the Trump presidency and its continuation for another four years.  The enthusiasm is real and electric as far as we could tell.  And this cut across racial and ethnic groups.

I wore my “Make America Great Again” hat at Mount Rushmore.  My friend gave it to me as a bit of a joke since the words are in Russian.  I was working in an FSU (former Soviet Union) country at the time.  Two different people commented on my hat that read and spoke Russian.  They both gave me thumbs up.  A guy in northern California did the same.

In California, we noticed a couple of Trump banners on boats moored behind the Marriott Hotel next to the San Diego Convention Center. There was a kiosk selling Trump merchandise in La Jolla. On a trip to Julian, a tiny town in the mountains to the east of San Diego, it was clear from the signs we saw that President Trump is being promoted for re-election.  It was even there in the beach towns to the north. In Capistrano Beach, there was a guy near the entrance to COSTCO selling “(President) Trump” paraphernalia. (There's also a kiosk selling Trump merchandise on Torrey Pines Road, the biggest thoroughfare into La Jolla  -ed.). It seemed to us that the enthusiasm to re-elect our President Trump is much higher than what we saw with the pre-election buzz of 2016.

We have been entrenched in the oddest cyber-convention this week held by the DNC.  To be honest, after watching the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden rollout of her candidacy we could not stomach watching any of the “convention.”  What I have read is that this has been one of the most negative conventions in history.  The theme seems to be Orange Man Bad yet the Democrats have yet to convince anyone how they will fix these supposed ills.  Increase taxes, increase regulations, decimate the Second Amendment, defund the police, and so forth tend to be their remedies.  As the champions of global warming attenuation by decreasing carbon dioxide through green energy replacement of fossil fuels, Democrats are unlikely to ask how that is working out in California with rolling blackouts.  In November 2019, I wrote an article for American Thinker about my disappointment with San Diego California’s shift from CNG-powered public transit buses to EV-type.  The price of (Henry Hub) natural gas then was $2.65 per million BTU versus $1.77 now.  At the time of the article I noted a 15% higher cost in energy alone for EV versus CNG let alone the almost double initial capital cost of a bus.  The “Republican” Mayor will be replaced this November by a Democrat due to California’s skewed-for-Democrats top-two runoff voting system.

As I age, I wonder more often how one party lies so blatantly that they think us common folk are dunderheads.  Democrats are so vicious in their remarks about our president they present themselves as the true dunderheads.  This venom they spout off is the catalyst that has removed many of the curbs to the common voter’s enthusiasm as to how we will vote in November.  President Trump, my wife and I salute you and your pledge to Keep America Great.  We look to four more years under your stewardship.

Image credit: Quinn Dombrowski, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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