Understanding COVID-19 death rates

We are daily bombarded with stories about the lethality of COVID-19.  The assumption of every broadcast is that if you don't follow the suggestions of the experts and the executive orders of the governors, you will get sick and die. Only by extreme sanitizing, staying away from other people, and wearing a mask everywhere — if you must leave home — will you be safe. Is that really true? There are so many contradictory opinions floating around in media that it is almost impossible to logically decide.  I decided to look at a map: where were these cases and deaths occurring?  At first glance, it appeared that the numbers were higher in big cities.  New York City, for example, had the highest rates of death—208 per 100,000 population. It seemed that COVID death rates had more to do with population density than anything else. To test that hypothesis, I got population density per square mile by state from the U.S....(Read Full Post)
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