Trump knows about the deadliest threat to his re-election

President Trump, in a recent press event, strongly alluded to the real and deadly electoral threat.  It is not merely the potential fraud of mail-in ballots.  It is the built-in incentive for unmotivated Biden-supporters, who would otherwise sit out the election, to vote.  As the president said, all of the enthusiasm is with the Republicans.  A huge number of would-be Democrat voters will have other things to do on Election Day.  They will not bother to go to the polls, to vote for a guy who does not excite them.  

However, if all they have to do is to check a box on a form that was mailed to them free of charge, and requires not even a postage stamp to send it in, many otherwise non-voters will exert themselves to do that much.  As for those who will not do even that, tens of thousands of vote-harvesters will knock on their doors and offer to "help" them complete and send in their ballots.  Republicans will in all likelihood decline the "assistance."  They will go to the polls on November 3.  

The Democrat tactic is all but guaranteed to swell the vote totals for Biden.  In the so-called battle-ground states, Democrats could swing the election, putting Biden in the Oval Office.  

Undoubtedly, the Democrats need vast numbers of additional votes to overcome Republican turn-out in the election.  Their one and only hope is to be able to commit fraud, and to do it on an enormous scale.  

Once the polls are closed and the counting begins, Democrat monitors will then try to overwhelm the system.  They will meticulously challenge each and every ballot that goes against them.  If nothing else, they can delay the final tally.  In states where Democrats control the certification of vote totals, they will be given every reason to claim that Biden won in their state.  Moreover, as the recent New York primary election shows, any uncertainty in the totals will be resolved arbitrarily in blue states, and in favor of the Democrat establishment.  

In red states, the Democrats will launch what they call lawfare," which is warfare by legislative and judicial means.  They will loudly proclaim Republican fraud.  The leftist media will proclaim right along with them.  

If everything they try fails, the last resort of the left will be physical violence.  Leftists may not even wait that long.  They may disrupt voting in selected precincts by means of riots.  Certainly, they will use at least the threat of violence to attempt to intimidate election officials.  

Democrats would have used these tactics in 2016, but they did not think them necessary.  They thought Hillary Clinton would be crowned the winner without resorting to extreme measures.  Only after the election did they realize their mistake.  They then turned over every stone, even seeking to openly bribe electors.  Now that they know better, they recognize that only the most extreme measures will give them what they seek.  They have learned their lesson and will apply it brutally.  

If the Democrat tactics are to be defeated, it will require, as a beginning, that every Republican go in person to the polls and vote.  That alone will not be enough to overcome the massive fraud the Democrats are relying upon to steal the election.  The Republican Party must anticipate, and counter, the dirty tricks.  They must challenge in court every state that seeks to mail out ballots to millions of people.  Every instance of fraud that is encountered must be promptly prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  Every mail-in ballot must be scrupulously inspected, especially for signatures, and especially in states where signatures are not verified.  

The United States must avoid becoming another Venezuela.  If the Democrats pull this off, we will never get another chance to make things right.  They will see to that.

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr licensed under the Creative Commons 2.0 license (cropped).

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