The real face of revolution

I fled from the aftermath of the same kind of "revolution" as that of Antifa in my motherland, Iran.

They marched, looted, set the buildings, police stations, and movie theaters full of people on fire.  They pulled down the statues and demanded "revolution."  Some members of academia and politicians, also announced their solidarity with a revolutionary's rented crowd.

Iranians were living in prosperity, women were senators, cops, business-owners, and actresses.  We had free kindergarten through Ph.D. education, free health care, laborers and employees were shareholders of the companies, we had Cyrus the Great's law of freedom of worship, and respect for all.  However, their political leaders Ayatollah Khomeini, his prime minister to be, Mehdi Bazargan, many intellectuals, and others promised that every family would get a check, the oil income would be divided fairly among the citizens.  Everyone would have a house, and there would be fairness, justice, and equality for all citizens.

The majority remained silent.

What they delivered was an ideological system of totalitarianism, discrimination against the large majority of population that became accused of varieties of "unlawfulness."  A peaceful, prosperous country became a gender apartheid practitioner, an imperialist war-monger, and a corrupt inhumane system of the religious elite against all.

Today, the people who marched regret what they did and their victimized children blame them for not making the changes by having a civilized conversation instead of barbaric destruction of the motherland.

No, please do not say that what happened in a small "third-world" county in the Middle East does not apply to America.  That is what we, the client majority of Iran, said: "It will not happen in an educated, prosperous, peaceful member of the international community."

We have also learned that behind such revolutions there have always been power and money, to motivate the destructions of certain societies, even here and now in America. 

If you succeed in changing America, as we did in Iran in 1979, be prepared to have a logical answer for your future generations.

Please think before you get the "revolution" that you will regret.  I have been there and have heard the cries of remorse.

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