Parents calling around for school alternatives

Our three sons are on their own and doing quite well.  Nevertheless, I understand what's happening in Chicago.  Parents are calling around and enquiring about school choices.

This is a report from Chicago:

Phones are seemingly constantly ringing at private schools across Chicago after officials announced that all Chicago Public Schools will begin the 2020-21 school year with remote instruction.

"We've had calls from people wanting their children to be engaged in in-class instruction," Mahdi Dadrass, Director of the South Loop Montessori School, said.

That school is just one of many that are seeing an uptick in interest, as they'll offer in-person instruction in the fall. Dadrass says they are willing to take on new students that are craving a return to the classroom.

I understand what's happening.  Parents want to educate their kids, and the teacher unions are more interested in defeating President Trump.

To complicate matters, there is a report that the union may call for a strike.  The union is calling for "education equity" and remote learning.

What in the world is "education equity," and what does it have to do with the issues facing parents?  Also, where is the lack of "equity"?  Aren't all public schools free for residents?

The teacher union is continuing to shoot itself in the foot.  Nobody is against taking appropriate measures to protect the kids from the pandemic or teachers who may be vulnerable because of age or medical history.

I'll say it again.  The union is more interested in promoting political objectives than educating children.  It won't be long before they find out that parents have options and will use them.

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