Socialism: The tyranny of the least and the dumbest

The man who famously said, “God is Dead” and was instantly acclaimed by those who wished God to be dead also described Socialism as the tyranny of the least and the dumbest.

That’s a problem for Socialists because they’re the ones who want God dead.

Friedrich Nietzsche was the 19th century German philosopher who theorized about man’s desire to fill the void in the absence of God by looking for a superman to rule the world. He called it a “will to power.” But Nietzsche firmly rejected Socialism as a governing philosophy, describing it as “a restless mole under the soil of a society that wallows in stupidity.” He added that the doctrine of socialism has at its core a will to negate life.

Socialism is all these things, and more. It is the religion of the Anti-Christ. In Marxist theory, Socialism is the final step in a transition to Communism, which is itself the final step to the establishment of a kingdom of darkness populated by human drones enslaved to support ruling elites.

Few remember (because these things are no longer taught) that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union began life in 1898 as the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. Lenin, the first great leader of the Russian Social Democrats, hated Christians and Christianity. He wrote that Social-Democracy bases its whole world-outlook on Marxism and its philosophy of a materialism which is absolutely atheistic and positively hostile to religion. Marxism has always regarded all churches and every religious organization as instruments for the exploitation of less educated people.

This is the philosophy that infuses today’s Democratic Party and seeks to turn America into a socialist paradise. Yet the last 100 years of world history demonstrates that Socialism has a record of failure so blatant and so costly in human lives and human happiness that only a tyrant, a fool, or someone dangerously ignorant of the truth, would ignore it.

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