Prison officials denying prescribed lifesaving medications to Obama-targeted Steve Stockman

The plot to kill former rep. Steve Stockman is unfolding before our eyes.  Unjustly convicted of campaign finance violations (three grand juries refused to indict him), imprisoned in a federal facility with a very high rate of COVID-19 infection, denied compassionate release despite serious comorbidities, Steve now is being denied medications that have been prescribed to him.

Patti Stockman protesting outside Steve's prison (Twtter video screen grab).

Steve's wife Patti emails:

Steve is improved, though definitely still sick. However, the prison refuses to refill his long-standing prescription for Zinc and the hospital ER doctor prescription for Hydroxychloroquine!  It’s just outrageous!  Thank you for trying to call the prison; all of you I’ve heard from haven’t even been able to get an answer. We have to find another way to reach them. 

Reach out to their regional management – 

Regarding Inmate Stephen Stockman, #23502-479:

Juan Baltazar, Jr. 

Director, BOP South Central Region 
US ARMED FORCES Reserve Complex

344 Marine Forces Dr.

Grand Prairie, TX  75051


And BOP in Washington:

Mr. David Brewer, Director
Acting Senior Deputy Director of BOP

Central Office

320 First Street, NW

Washington, DC  20534


Get letters out as quickly as possible. REMEMBER: to use Steve’s name and number (given above).

  • Complain that they did not approve transfer to home confinement of this highly at-risk inmate, allowing him to contract the life-threatening COVID virus.  
  • But MORE, complain now that the prison in Beaumont is completely irresponsible, negligent, indifferent, (or whatever adjectives you want to use) because (1) they won’t fill this inmate’s long-standing prescription for Zinc that was prescribed for medical reasons, AND (2) they refuse to fill the Emergency Room doctor’s prescription for Hydroxychloroquine.  The ER doctor obviously treats a lot of COVID patients. How many is the prison treating? NOT A ONE!  

PLEASE do not merely copy and paste what I wrote as that is obviously worded as my message to you - not yours to prison management.  If you’re outraged, express it.  

Both the Bureau of Prisons’ and the Beaumont Prison’s claims have been that their highest priority is the well-being of the inmates of whom they have charge! Well, their actions concerning Stephen Stockman say otherwise.

Because Steve needs the prescriptions now, express your outrage now.

Meanwhile the conservative press numerous good articles in conservative media, and they’re still coming, are stirring things up in DC (pretty PDF’s attached):

Legally speaking, Steve’s petition for Cert with the Supreme Court was posted on their docket today, if you’d like to read it. It clearly shows how he’s been wronged [corrected "wrong" to "wronged]. We’re praying for a higher visibility attorney to sign onto the petition within the next month or so as additional attorney of record. Any amicus briefs in support of the certification must be filed by September 2, with notification of intent to do so by August 21.

In this tweet from Steve's account, Patti speaks out while demonstrating in front of the prison where Steve is being murdered.  For mysterious reasons, the tweet cannot be embedded, so please click on this link.

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