Pernicious incitement to looting being pushed by NPR

The twisted logic of author Vicky Osterweil's new book, In Defense of Looting, would be laughable were it not so dangerous.  Yet it is being taken seriously by NPR and other media outlets that should know better.

In her interview with NPR featuring no pushback from the taxpayer-funded network's interviewer, Osterweil says of looting: "You're mass shoplifting.  Most stores are insured; it's just hurting insurance companies on some level. It's just money.  It's just property.  It's not actually hurting any people."

Nobody gets hurt.  At least, nobody Ms. Osterweil cares about.  Like the shop-owners with no insurance because they can't afford it.  And shop-owners whose insurance rates skyrocket or have their coverage dropped because of the increased risk.  How about the law-abiding residents of the community, who now have lost their stores and restaurants as well as their jobs when the owners move away and don't rebuild. 

But no looters are harmed unless they are cut by broken glass when they step through a shattered store window while carrying an armful of Gucci purses.  It's just grassroots-level wealth redistribution from the rich to the poor, per the logic of leftists.  But it is the honest middle class and poor who end up suffering the most.

I also suppose Ms. Osterweil doesn't consider the death of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn to be of consequence, even though he was killed defending a friend's store from looters during the George Floyd riots.  It was cold-blooded murder, but the left and their media downplayed it because a criminal killing a black cop does not support The Cause. 

The Cause is radical collectivist revolution, where free-market capitalism is destroyed, along with our American heritage, our Constitution, and our Judeo-Christian culture and religion.  There is no Utopia there and never will be.  The radical leaders will never be satisfied, or reach a state of equilibrium.  Demands on their subjects will be ever-increasingly burdensome, irrational, and endless.

There are no principles or ethics that supersede The Cause.  The law does not supersede it.  Like the concept of Islamic "taqiyya," lying in support of The Cause is no sin; rather, it is encouraged.  Everything and everyone else is expendable and dangerous if they threaten The Cause and must be eliminated.

As the saying goes, "The issue is not the issue.  The issue is the revolution."  For the left, everything is political, and politics is war.  Power and control are the spoils.  They are a formidable enemy to the America we cherish and those of us who defend it.

Unfortunately, it is now obvious we have a divided country.  Nothing is going to put it back together again.  The left is too far radicalized, a fate they imposed on themselves.  This radical faction has taken over the Democrat party, the news media, the education systems, and even the major global corporations.  One side must completely defeat the other and relegate it to a state of irrelevance.

Right now, the left is actively fighting this war.  Leftists are using every trick and advantage at their disposal.  They intend to win by any means necessary.  In that environment, anything can be defended and rationalized.

The leaders of the revolution do not care about equality.  Racism is only a tool for The Cause to be used as a weapon for power when needed.  Leftist black leaders are elevated to sainthood status, above criticism despite any past criminal or ethical misdeeds.

Conservative black leaders, on the other hand, like those who spoke at the Republican National Convention — U.S. senator Tim Scott, football star Herschel Walker, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and Kentucky A.G. Daniel Cameron — are reviled and smeared by the left with the most vile racist epithets imaginable. 

If the left truly believed in racial justice and equality, would leftists allow this treatment of black conservatives without loudly denouncing it?  But no objection has been made, and none is likely forthcoming.

The leaders of the revolution do not care about sexism.  It's just another arrow in the leftist quiver to shoot into the heart of their latest enemy.  Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh felt the relentless onslaught of charges of sexism from the leftist mob, with no credible witnesses to support them. 

Yet when a believable witness comes forward with credible charges of serious sexual assault against Joe Biden, suddenly the #BelieveAllWomen / #MeToo crowd goes crickets.  Women's Rights groups order radio silence.  Kamala Harris said she believed her.  Now as the vice presidential candidate, she does not. 

BLM rioters staged a mock murder of a policeman by running over a raccoon twice, and then they beat it to death with baseball bats.  So far we have heard no statement of protest from PETA.

Something tells me that if the left determined that killing every animal on Earth would bring The Cause into reality, PETA would be handing out the baseball bats.

Climate change environmentalism and the Green New Deal are false fronts for the righteous revolutionary Cause.  If they thought they could achieve it by destroying the environment, they would erect their own dirty smokestacks and coal plants.

BLM openly calls for the murder of cops.  Nancy Pelosi calls Trump supporters "enemies of the state."  Five days later, Trump-supporter Jay Bishop is shot and killed in cold blood during a Trump rally in Portland.  The protesters cheer and celebrate his murder.  The leftist mainstream media cover it up by calling it a "clash."

What it all ultimately comes down to is that the left will justify and defend anything necessary to achieve its ultimate goal, including rioting, looting, and even cold-blooded murder.

Andrew Thomas blogs at Dark Angel Politics.

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