No-class BO vs classy W

It must hard being Barack Obama these days.   Your "executive order presidency" has been erased by President Trump's executive orders.  Even DACA did not really get a blessing in the latest Supreme Court decision.  Last, but not least, the Durham report may include a few surprises for # 44. This week, Obama spoke at John Lewis' funeral and his words were bad to be kind.  This is a sample of what he said:     George Wallace may be gone. But we can witness our federal government sending agents to use tear gas and batons against peaceful demonstrators.  We may no longer have to guess the number of jellybeans in a jar in order to cast a ballot, but even as we sit here, there are those in power, who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive ID laws and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision...(Read Full Post)
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