Nancy Pelosi, mistress of drivel

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House, appeared on PBS to be interviewed by Judy Woodruff.

No Democrat who shows up there expects to be challenged, but Woodruff did so ever so gently, asking her why the Democrats had not found common ground with Republicans to pass a second stimulus package.

Nancy Pelosi is a ghoul, a venomous person who is well and truly rotten to her core.  She accused the gently probing Woodruff right off the bat of being "an advocate" for Republicans.  It was a perfect example showing that just about everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie or at least a monstrous bending of the truth.

But this much is clear from that interview, which a cowed Woodruff gave her plenty of time to expand upon: that the left seeks to continue the ruination of the U.S. economy by any means necessary.

COVID is the latest useful hook and the most egregious tool leftists are using to that end.  Do they care about the millions of school kids cloistered at home without their teachers or friends?  Not one bit.  Do they care about the millions of small businesses this phony lockdown has destroyed?  No way.  They want to ruin the middle class, to make them dependent on the kindness of a beneficent government.

Is there such a thing as a beneficent government?  The Founders of this great nation did not set out to take care of people as she sees it.  They put forth a Constitution that above all granted freedom to all Americans, the freedom to succeed or fail, the equal opportunity to achieve, to revel in the liberty the Constitution guaranteed.

Nancy Pelosi and her party are full-throated enemies of this nation and the principles of self-determination that our population has long taken for granted.  As Obama promised, they seek to transform this country into something it was never meant to be and not in a good way.  Make no mistake: the Democrat Party of today has designs of vast new powers over all of us.

The leftist boosters of the lockdowns are most likely shocked by the abject capitulation of so many to the ridiculous dictates from the leaders of leftist-run states.

Some fear-ravaged people are so frightened of the virus, they physically attack people they encounter without masks for endangering them and others!  What a crock!  How can this be in a free and healthy nation in which individual freedom is the rule, when the percentage of people who have died from COVID is 0.00049? 

So what does the left do?  It doubles down.  Let kids go back to school?  No way.  When you have the people on the ropes to this extent, why not push the envelope?  If so many people choose to be sheep, the left's best tactic may just be going after the sheepdogs to co-opt them as well.  That is the job the media have embraced with excited fervor: make those who are not sufficiently terrified of the virus outcasts in their own communities.  The underlying strategy is to continue the lockdowns, the school closures, the mask mandates in order to prolong the distress, the anxiety of a nation.

The Democrats mean to win the election with this misguided strategy.  They are worse than Orwell's Big Brother and Thought Police, and their agenda is no less malevolent. 

Nancy Pelosi is as anti-American as those more recent additions to Congress — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley, among others — Democrats who loathe this country no matter how much opportunity it has provided for them to thrive. 

Take Oprah, who has fallen in line with the Democratic Party line that declares America is forever tainted by white supremacy.  This from a black woman who is one of the richest persons on the planet.  Michelle Obama is on the same page, the woman who was first lady for eight years and traveled the world in luxury on the taxpayer's dime.  She endlessly complains and never has a kind word about America.

Nancy Pelosi is not at all different.  She has become a multi-millionaire while in Congress.  She is as vile and corrupt as Hillary Clinton.  Like Biden, she is used to being coddled by the media and reacts badly when even mildly challenged.  She is a nasty piece of work who values nothing over her own power and her freedom to wield it.

Her own city has been destroyed by the politics she embraces, and she could not care less.  She and her likeminded colleagues in Congress and the media care about only one thing, one thing only: defeating and destroying President Trump.  That is their singular goal, and for four years, that has been their only goal, the one and only thing to which they have devoted their every waking moment.  Pelosi and her partners in crime are a blight upon this nation. 

The PBS interview, Judy Woodruff and Pelosi, is only slightly less ridiculous than any recent interview with Joe Biden. Word salad is the apt description of the nonsense each of them spews. They talk but their words are meaningless. It is difficult to know if they think they are fooling people or if they are merely fooling themselves.

Either way, if they think the majority of the American people are falling for their transparent plan to destroy Trump by devastating the country and our economy, they are foolish beyond belief. All those vicious scaredy cat twitterites are insignificant cultists, mind-numbed converts to the Marxist BLM and Antifa anti-Americanism. The left's grasping, censorious control of social media is a sad commentary on the willingness of mostly young people to not think for themselves but to endlessly regurgitate the anti-American garbage with which they've been indoctrinated at school. Twitter did not exist when Nancy Pelosi began perpetrating her greed and ill will upon unsuspecting Americans but she has somehow prevailed.

The truth about the damage she and her disciples will one day be told by legitimate historians and it will be a tale of treachery. 

Image credit: PBS, YouTube screen shot, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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