Has the pushback against Democrat overreach begun?

One of the things that struck me today was how many stories involved people pushing back.  They're pushing back against the Black Lives Matter narrative, they're pushing back against cancel culture, and they're pushing back against the Wuhan virus lockdown.  In other words, after being beaten around the head for a few months, Americans are beginning to remember that they're a free people in a constitutionally run nation.  They're finally getting mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore (as Michael Walsh noted almost a month ago).

Everyone's been noticing that America's blue-state governors have some bizarre ideas about how the lockdowns they've imposed are supposed to work.  Big stores get to stay open; small stores with fewer customers are shut down.  Marijuana shops are open; hairstylists are shut down.  Left-leaning mass rallies with thousands of people are good; going to the beach is bad.  Funerals for famous criminals and politicians can be packed; funerals and church services for ordinary people are dangerous.  The only standard seems to be what best serves the state's coffers, the politicians' wallets, and the Democrats' need for theater.

People are chafing to return to ordinary life.  They need to get out of their houses and back to their jobs.  And they need to return to their familiar, uplifting rituals.  My favorite report from Thursday involved an enterprising church that held a service in a Walmart:

Meanwhile, in San Mateo County, part of true, blue coastal California (it gave Hillary Clinton 75.67% of its votes), Scott Morrow, the county health officer, put out a public statement that effectively said he was done with Governor Newsom's insane shutdown mandates:

I wish to apologize to all the businesses that were closed this week.  I am not supportive of these actions and, for San Mateo County, I believe they are misdirected and will cause more harm than good.  This action is a bit like looking for your lost keys under a streetlight even though you lost them miles away.  If you have read my previous statements, you know I put great import on balance.  We have to minimize spread while not destroying everything else in the process.  I watch the news and I certainly get alarmed by some of what's going on in the country, and even in our state.  But I have to make the best decisions and recommendations based on our data which reflects the situation in our community.  Our numbers indicate we are in a relatively stable state in regards to the spread of the virus.  For those who want to drive the spread to zero, this is simply not possible.  Even with the very restrictive measures put into place in the Spring, we could only drive the Re at that time to about 0.9.  The best point estimate we currently have for Re is about 0.98.  Our Re has also been slowly dropping for at least 4 weeks.  The Re (which can be calculated in a number of ways) is a forecast subject to all the vagaries of forecasts, but the Re trend downward is an encouraging sign.  Over the last few weeks, our hospitalizations are stable and/or decreasing.  Recently, our deaths have been low.  Even with the current data meltdown at the State related to the counting of new cases, I remain of the same opinion.

Read the rest of his anti-shutdown manifesto here.

Actress Gina Carano, a former MMA fighter and part of the Star Wars film franchise, refused to back down when the woke crowd went after her for a tweet suggesting that it's time to stand up to the mob.  For her tweet, she used the famous photo of August Landmesser, who, in 1936, was the only man in a mob of Nazis refusing to give the Nazi salute:

Many thought Carano was tweeting in honor of Jonathan Isaacs, the 23-year-old on the Orlando Magic NBA team who refused to kneel during the National Anthem:

The poor kid later tore his ACL, at which point an ESPN radio host asked, is it "funny the guy who refused to kneel immediately blew out his knee?"  In the face of that cruelty, many understood Carano's tweet to be a show of encouragement.  No wonder the leftist trolls went after Carano:

True to her MMA background, Carano didn't apologize; she doubled down:

And if you're not convinced that the worm is turning, look at the nice Blue Lives Matter (i.e., pro-police) mask that Tiger Woods wore at the PGA Championship:

Americans are rediscovering themselves and just in time.  For every person who fights back in a just cause, another ten people find their courage.  This hokey movie scene from 1940 makes just that point:

Image: YouTube screen grab.

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