More evidence that Americans are fighting back

One of the points I've made to anyone who will listen is that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter insanity we're seeing is a purely leftist phenomenon.  This leftism is not just because of the obvious fact that the activists are leftists; it's also because the cities that host their often theatrical violence are leftist, too.  The truth is that, over the last two months, most American cities and towns have been peaceful, and most Americans are hostile to this street theater. I've also been arguing that, after having their spirits battered by the one-two punch of (arguably unnecessary) lockdowns and the leftist attacks on America's Democrat-run cities, Americans are coming back.  The latest resurgence of the American spirit took place in Fort Collins, Colorado. Although some of the facts around this event are contested, there are a few clear things.  On Saturday, hundreds of people attended a "Back the Blue"...(Read Full Post)
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