Joe Biden hides from reporters but talks to Cardi B

Joe Biden has rejected the old-fashioned front porch campaign and, instead, has embarked upon a new-fangled "hide in the basement" campaign.  He ventured forth, though, for a Zoom interview with Cardi B, a hugely popular rapper and television personality.  She is also the musical equivalent of a hardcore porn actress.  Cardi B is how today's Democrat party campaigns.

A striking aspect of the recent press conference in which Biden officially introduced Kamala Harris as his sidekick was the speed with which Biden's handlers rushed the press out of the room.  Clearly, they couldn't afford to let anyone ask Biden a question.  Also striking was how meekly the media left.  Trump captured both points in a well-aimed tweet:

Despite the protective cordon wrapped around Biden, whose weary brain easily decompensates, his campaign handlers thought it would be good for him to do a short interview with Cardi B.  If you look at her music, you'll understand how extraordinary it is that a major party presidential candidate would use Cardi B as part of his campaign.

Cardi B is an American rapper of Dominican and Trinidadian descent.  She was raised in the South Bronx and was a member of the Bloods when she was a teenager.

Her musical talent got Cardi B into the Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology.  She worked as a stripper during this time after her mother kicked her out, and she ended up in an abusive relationship.  She also has said she enticed men under the influence up to her room, where she robbed them.  Young people admire her because she came from a difficult, even criminal, background and became famous and, with the birth of her child, began to live a relatively stable life.

In 2013, Cardi B got noticed on the internet and eventually joined a VH1 reality show.  From there, she became one of America's most popular female rappers.  That's how she ended up in a 16-minute interview with Joe Biden, which Elle Magazine sponsored.

Before getting to the interview, you need to know one more thing: Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion just released a song called "WAP" that is the musical equivalent of a Triple-X-rated movie.  It is so obscene and gross, and describes a world of such sadomasochistic perversity, that watching it is like rolling in a cesspool.  Stripped to its essentials, it tells young women that sex is a commercial transaction, and the more unsavory one's sexual practices, the more men will pay.  Essentially, it promotes prostitution.

The "WAP" lyrics and the video are too obscene to post at American Thinker.  You can see the video here and read the lyrics here if you feel so inclined.

WAP is sickening — yet this is a person Democrats believe will help them with outreach to black voters.  I'd like to think that at least some blacks feel insulted that the Democrats assume that the best way to reach them is through musical porn stars.

For the most part, Biden's interview with Cardi B is standard boring Democrat stuff.  Cardi B, who is worth about $24 million, wants free things ("free Medicare," "free college"), and she wants "black people to stop getting killed and no justice for it."  And of course, she wants Trump out of the White House so Biden can come in and tell everyone what to do about the Wuhan virus.

Biden managed to bring in all his talking points: his dead wife and daughter, the importance of 18- to 24- year-olds voting (the same people Kamala Harris said are "stupid" and make "bad decisions"), the promise that boys and girls clubs will drive down crime, his affinity for the Civil Rights movement and Cardi B's ideological resemblance to John Lewis, etc.

The best moment in the interview was when Cardi B said she's concerned about the Democrats raising taxes, because "nobody wants to pay so much in taxes. ... [But] when you see the taxes coming off your check, you don't understand, because you feel like you're putting in so many hours."  How can that be done, she asked, while simultaneously providing free everything?  Joe mouthed that "everybody has to pay their fair share" and insisted on a 15% minimum corporate tax rate.  The federal corporate tax rate is currently 21%, something that Joe doesn't seem to understand.  No wonder a staffer ended the interview then and there.

This is the Democrat party in 2020: as if it's not degrading enough to run as their candidate a man with dementia and a woman who slept her way to the middle, the Democrats are now using rap/porn stars to spread their message.  We're witnessing cultural rot writ large.

Image: Cardi B by Chris Allmeid, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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