JFK Democrats not welcome in Fidel Castro's new Democratic Party

There's a documentary about a sad and pathetic clown named "Wrinkles" whom some parents in Florida apparently hire for parties to frighten their children.  Wrinkles looks exactly like Joe Biden.  His face seems to be falling off on one side.  His hair is glued on in patches.  His "smile" is fixed in a lipstick-painted "d'oh!" position that matches Old Joe's to a T.  Anyway, I can't look at Biden anymore without thinking of Wrinkles.  Joe Biden's handlers have locked him up in his basement for controlled and scripted remote interviews with select members of the press.  Wrinkles escaped his basement, and children run from him screaming and crying whenever he heads their way.  Again, the similarity is uncanny.  

It occurs to me that "Wrinkles" Biden is all that remains of a party that spent over half a century marketing itself as the home of both JFK and MLK Jr.  Both Kennedy and King were struck down in their primes, their youth made permanent for the generations to follow.  Both were fiercely patriotic and anti-communist.  Both saw taxation as a hindrance to national economic growth and personal ownership and industry as the keys to inter-class mobility.  Both fought for a colorblind society where hard work, not government welfare, would level the playing field for all.  

Everything Kennedy and King articulated for American greatness has been abandoned by the Democratic Party, and in their place "Wrinkles" Biden and race-hustler Al Sharpton now stand.  Families may always be rising and falling in America, but falling from Kennedy to Biden and King to Sharpton during the space of Biden's own political career is more than a drop; it's a death rattle.

How can any Old Guard Democrat hang on to the "party of JFK" when it has become the "party of Fidel Castro"?  There's no way to honor Kennedy by paying allegiance to a new generation of communists representing everything he abhorred.  There's no way to fight for King's vision of a merit-based and race-blind America by reinstituting segregation and racial privileges in the name of "justice."

Any person with wisdom insists on being smarter today than yesterday; any person seeking change must possess a mind capable of change, too.  Surely any Reagan Democrats who returned to their roots during the Bush years or Kennedy Democrats who looked past Obama's cultural Marxism in the errant hope that Camelot would return can now see that the Democratic Party platform offers nothing for the future other than Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution, Hugo Chávez's empty promises, and Fidel Castro's romanticized forced misery for all.  

As Reagan used to say, he didn't actively seek to leave the Democratic Party; he looked around where he had always been standing and realized that the Democrats had moved beyond any length of principle that might keep them tethered still.  If Biden's embrace of Bernie Sanders's socialist blueprint for remaking America into Venezuela still seems reasonable, then you never were a Kennedy Democrat; you were a Khrushchev-Castro "revolutionary" all along.  In that case, the Democratic Party has finally come home to you.  

But if you are looking around at the Democrats' organized violence and deliberate destruction of our cities and wondering how they could be fighting for America while burning America to the ground, then perhaps you're willing to go a little farther by asking whether Donald Trump is really the monster CNN insists he is.  

In what must have seemed counterintuitive to career politicians, Donald Trump proved that you don't have to hide the truth to remain electable.  You don't have to obey the left's freshly minted mandates of political correctness set in print by the AP Stylebook and enforced by stern-looking news anchors who insist, "That's the way it is."  You don't have to pretend you're someone you're not.  But you do have to be for America and against her enemies.  Just like JFK and MLK, Jr., President Trump loves the country he leads.  It is a difficult but almost certain truth that our heroes and the heroes of the New Democratic Party are not now the same and never will be.  

So many Americans are waking up strangers in a strange land.  Everything we say is monitored for its undesirability.  Every thought is examined for its extremeness.  Careers are made or destroyed depending upon our submission to ideas and beliefs that are not our own.  And our enemies in China and Iran are celebrated, while the American president is vilified by the press.  

All the while, members of the New Democratic Party keep poking us in the chest and insisting, "You are not what America should be."  No battle was fought.  No border was redrawn.  No great revolution occurred.  Nonetheless, the America of JFK and MLK, Jr. is being swapped for one imagined by Howard Zinn, with "Wrinkles" Biden as the figurehead the new communists need him to be. 

This goes well beyond Trump-hatred.  This is the malignant spirit of anti-Americanism that always bubbles right beneath the surface of the New Democratic Party's contempt for us all.  This is freedom under the yoke of falsehood.  And if you're awakening to what's going on around you, then you know it's time to walk away from the Democratic Party for good.   

Hat tip to Sandalwood and Jayhawkers everywhere.

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