Is Joe Biden the gift that Donald Trump relishes?

Pundits considered Joe Biden a difficult opponent for Donald Trump.  They see him as a moderate and more calming figure.  Yet his extreme positions will be his undoing.

Biden is a gift that keeps giving.  On Sunday, he was interviewed by ABC's David Muir and Robin Roberts.  Joe admitted to several policies that, when understood by the citizenry, will cost him the election.

Biden acknowledged in the interview that he would push for a complete national shutdown should the public health doctors recommend that.  He stated that he might run for a second term should he be elected in 2020.  He admitted that his selection of Kamala Harris was based upon the recommendation of his deceased son, Beau, while Beau was Delaware attorney general.  He credited the Black Lives Matter organization for changing the race conversation in this country.  Biden said he will campaign from home due to the COVID science.

Even in a friendly conversation, Biden gave ammunition to the Trump campaign.  Over 5 million viewers witnessed the interview, in which he claimed that the police need more support, which challenges the BLM movement.

Biden reiterated his commitment to raising taxes on the wealthy, those earning over $400,000 per year.  He also plans to raise taxes on corporations.  Previously, he told donors he would eliminate most of the Trump tax cuts.  This would take corporate taxes to 28% from the present 21%.  Before the Trump cuts, the rate was 35%, among the highest in the world, making American businesses less competitive with foreign firms.  Corporate taxes are passed to customers, which would raise the cost of goods; lower sales would cost American jobs.  Yet these tax increases would not provide the necessary funds to cover the added spending Biden has promised.  Don't wonder, but worry, since they will come after your income to cover the difference.

Biden has said he would increase coronavirus testing.  This, he believes, would help solve the coronavirus crisis.  Yet yesterday we learned that Joe has not been tested himself, while having the press following him get tested.

The progressive wing of the Democratic Party supported Sens. Sanders and Warren.  They were denied the nomination by the establishment.  To gain the progressives' support, former president Obama pointed to the similarities between Sanders's position and Biden's policies.  Only during the televised portions of the Democratic Convention were these differences made more prominent.  The lack of policy details at the DNC demonstrates the radical nature of their platform.  The personal attacks upon Trump demonstrate their fear that the populace will reject their program.  The negativity gives few hurting people hope, which is needed during this pandemic.

Monday, the Republicans opened their convention.  The theme was the "country of promise."  The narrative provided promises kept.  The many speakers provided a human side of Donald Trump.  Regular people spoke of the goodness of America and its people, including Trump.
The contrast between Biden and Trump is stark.  Their visions for our country are distinctly different.  While Biden talked of the light, his convention focused on the dark.  As a result, he received no polling bounce.  Trump will not make that mistake.  His convention will be optimistic and uplifting.  This is what we need. 

Joe Biden has spent so many years in Washington that he has missed the aspirations of normal Americans.  Most want a better life for their families.  Joe Biden already has this life through his years in politics.  Though he has suffered personal tragedy, he seeks public power to effect changes.  At an age when most would retire to their families, Joe Biden still seeks the presidency.  Even Obama told him he did not have to do this.  Fortunately, his years in Washington have made him tone-deaf to normal people.  This is his gift to Donald Trump and his campaign for re-election.

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