Ghouls: Trump's brother dies, and out comes the leftists, full of hate and bile

You had to know this was coming, didn't you? Based on the sick types of talk and tweets that came of the deaths of Herman Cain, David Koch, Andrew Breitbart, Antonin Scalia, Ronald Reagan, and many others, we know that much of the left loves to cheer the demise of their opponents. Human sympathy never figures at all. And when the target is the man who leaves them foaming at the mouth, the worst sort of cheering is what's to be heard.

Which brings us to the sad death of Robert Trump, 71, President Trump's beloved brother, an event that anyone with decency would use to send kind words of sympathy to the surviving Trump family, all of whom loved him dearly, and positive words about the man himself. 

No such luck around certain elements of the left.

A breakdown of what's been seen on Twitter gives us some insight as to how they're using this for their own creepy ends:

First, insults against the man himself - not just the raw insults of the rabid left but the insulting reduction of the man to a late-life lawsuit over a tell-all book, something that came from the press. Lots of celebration in these:







Second, the doxxers and cancel culturati came out - this bunch has been surveilling him for years and decided to use the occasion of his death for one last smear-burst.





Third, the ones who used the occasion of his death to spew out what was really bothering them - that President Trump was still alive.

Using the Twitter trending hashtag of #WrongTrump, a number of the ghouls expressed themselves through popular culture:











There was also the motley crew who falsely argued that President Trump went golfing instead of visit his brother in hospital.



It's disgusting on multiple counts - people express their grief in different ways, for one, so no judgment is warranted. But more to the point, President Trump did make a last visit to be with his brother at the hospital in New York, disrupting his schedule to do so. The one-hour visit probably disrupted a lot of things at the hospital -- any presidential visit does -- which was why it was relatively short. And in any case, he can't have known for sure whether his brother would die. 

Others just made it clear that it was Trump they wanted dead, not his brother.







It all goes to show a ghoulish mindset. Decent people don't cheer the deaths of others, even if it's people they disagree with. That these clowns do is reason enough to feel loathing and disgust at leftists. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot. 



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