Democrats' Plan B should Joe Biden lose in November

Democrats expect that the Biden-Harris ticket will prevail in November.  But in the event it doesn't, the left will go to Plan B and try to make lemonade out of that lemon it has been handed. 

First consider what is likely to happen should Joe Biden become president.  He will initiate a radical agenda.  That's a given.  While that is going on, two other things will be unfolding.  They are 1) that order will be quickly restored to the cities and 2) that the Wuhan flu will finally be put in proper perspective.  And no, this will not be the result of anything the Biden administration does.  Rather, it will merely be a change in the media narrative.

Regarding the disorder, some will argue that the Democrats do not actually pull the strings of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals and hence don't direct them.  Maybe, maybe not.  But Democrat mayors and governors certainly do control their respective local police forces, and those forces are more than adequate to quash the disturbances.  The chaos that has been inflicted on cities like Chicago, New York, Portland, and Seattle is not due to the strength of the radicals.  It is because the urban mayors, prosecutors, and blue-state governors have turned a blind eye to the riots and looting.  In some cases, they even encouraged it and also refused to prosecute those criminals when caught.  With a Democrat in the Oval Office, this tacit support for Antifa and BLM will evaporate, allowing the Trump-hating media to tout the ensuing peace as proof that President Trump was the problem all along.

As to the Wuhan flu, all of a sudden, science — real science, that is — will be released from its captivity and allowed to be voiced in public.  The lockdown mania and all that goes with it will be dramatically toned down so as to get a "Democrat economic boom" rolling.  The fluctuating Dr. Anthony Fauci and his ilk will sing a different tune.  If not, they'll be shoved aside for more compliant public health authorities.  Nobody in the media will complain.  The media will spin a yarn that if Joe (or Kamala Harris) had been president from the start, the Wuhan flu's death toll would be a fraction of what it is, and the economy would never have suffered as it has under Trump.  All false, but that would be the story presented to the American public.

But even the most enthusiastic of Democrats realize that Lazy Joe could well go down in flames in November.  In that case, they are now actively laying the groundwork to salvage what they can from the loss.  It will be a continuation of steadfast resistance to the Trump presidency.  The foundation for this is now being laid.  The intent is to make as much of a mess of the November election as possible.  This will be done by shenanigans such as voting by mail, staged claims of voter suppression, ballot-harvesting, fraudulent vote-counting in Democrat-controlled areas, illegal aliens voting en masse, and who knows what else.  Many experts are already predicting that we are not likely to know the results until well after election night.  This is fertile ground for Democrat vote-stealing and ballot box–stuffing, something that party is experienced with.  

If Biden wins, the election mess will be swept under the rug, and the Democrats will rush to seats of power without looking back.  Should Trump be re-elected, however, the left will scream that the election was fixed and Trump is an illegitimate president.  The media will regurgitate Democrat talking points as fact day after day.  It will be a replay of the 2016–2019 timeframe.

That such a cynical and indeed immoral plan would irreparably damage our election system and possibly result in civil disorder does not faze the Democrats in the slightest.  Their quest for power is absolute.  It knows no bounds.  The left — and the Democrats are of the left — is willing to trample the truth, facts, law, tradition, common decency, and the well-being of America to achieve its objectives.  Lies, deceit, and violence are its weapons.  Anyone who doubts this hasn't been awake.

It is impossible to completely ensure the integrity of the coming 2020 election, given the way many election laws are unenforced and how the skids are being greased for disruption.  The media cannot be relied upon to oversee a fair election.  In fact, the media are a major part of the problem.  The best way, actually the only way, for Trump to get a fair shake is by a large voter turnout on his behalf so as to overwhelm the cheating.  Plus, a GOP capture of the House and maintaining a Senate majority will be necessary to thwart Plan B of the Democrats. 

It is unfortunate that things have come to this, but such is the state of America in the twenty-first century.

Image credit: Needpix public domain picture.

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