Democrats can't work up enthusiasm for Joe Biden

During the week, I noticed how the Democrat convention was all about President Trump rather than former V.P. Biden. On a nightly basis, even minute by minute, the message was that President Trump is someone between Hitler and Ivan the Terrible.

Therefore, I was not surprised to read that the 2020 ratings were below 2016.  Let's see how it compares with the RNC next week.  President Trump may not get the 34 million who watched him in 2016, but don't be surprised if he does.

The sad truth is that Mr. Biden does not excite Democrats, as Lauren Martinchek wrote:

Well, it's official.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has now officially accepted the nomination of the democratic party to be President of the United States.

You would think that after months of preparation knowing that this would happen, I would be beyond the point where it bothers me. But at this moment in time, I've begun to realize my frustration doesn't come from a place of simply being disappointed. Rather, it stems from the fact that democrats have opted to coalesce around a candidate that they did not even like.

Let's see what happens next.  The sad truth is that Mr. Biden was revived in South Carolina after Senator Sanders made unbelievably stupid remarks about Fidel Castro's Cuba.  It was enough to scare the heck out of any Democrat running between San Francisco and New York City.  So they revived Mr. Biden because he was seen as the savior.

The bride said "I do," but everybody knows well that this is a marriage of convenience totally devoid of love.  It won't last, especially when they hear Mr. Biden try to explain his position on most issues.

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