Snopes admits Dems did omit ‘under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance at DNC, but rates claim that they did so ‘mostly false’

Who are you going to believe, Snopes or your lying ears?

The Babylon Bee must be feeling the hot breath of Snopes on its neck, as the purported fact-checker beclowns itself in an effort to manufacture another “lie” that President Trump can be accused of.

The facts that President Trump factually tweeted could not be more straightforward:

But Snopes was already pre-emptively playing defense for the Dems, apparently worried that people like Trump would criticize the donkeys for leaving out “under God’ in two versions of the Pledge at the DNC. So, Snopes made up a stupid reason to claim that a factual observation was “mostly false.” Get this: “The DNC did not issue any guidelines forbidding the use of the phrase.”

(Source: Snopes)

I guess Snopes thinks mass amnesia was behind the omission both times it happened. They really intended to honor the Deity but just forgot. Twice.

Don’t comment on behavior itself, just claim that if something is not forbidden by policy, it happened. Would that work in a store if you walked out without paying for a shoplifted item? “I didn’t have a policy against paying for it” would not carry a lot of weight, unless one were a BLM rioter.

Why would anyone takes Snopes seriously from now on?

Hat tip: Tristan Justice, The Federalist

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