Classy Dems: Michigan Democrat calls women 'breeders' in now-deleted post

Amazing what the Democrats are putting out there as candidates for the statehouses.

The Daily Caller's investigative team picked up this one and it's a lulu:

 Michigan state representative who secured the Democratic party’s nomination in the state’s 6th Congressional District on Tuesday used the word “breeder” in reference to straight women and referred to sexual partners as victims in posts on a now-deleted blog he contributed to from 2004 to 2007.

Michigan State Rep. Jon Hoadley narrowly won Tuesday’s Democratic primary to take on 17-term Republican Rep. Fred Upton. Hoadley stands to be Michigan’s first openly gay member of Congress if elected, and he’s been endorsed by California Sen. Kamala Harris, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which in July added his campaign to its “Red to Blue” program.

“Jen, Liz, and I made it to the straight bars. Glad I went…but my straight fix has been satisfied for a while. I’m not going to lie: breeder=weird/bad dancers. Disagree if you want—you’re just deluding yourself,” Hoadley wrote in a June 2005 post to his now-deleted LiveJournal blog.

Apparently, women are just breedstock animals and he's some sort of higher being.

It's a derisive term that comes from certain intolerant gay or homosexual subcultures, and like any intolerant culture, it degrades someone else. That's "who he is" as the identity-politics lefties like to say, and what he says in private. That he's deleted his posts in order to present some other picture does't suggest much for him. What it suggests to us is that Democrats are having a hard time attracting quality people.

Here's the other thing: Why did he delete it? Because he very much wants all those "white suburban women" votes against his Republican opponent. Dismissing them as "breeders" even if it was years ago, and even if he thought few would read such a post, or only fellow gay people with similar intolerance problems would read it, doesn't cut it. We all heard him the first time, and his views of women are views of contempt.

What a disgusting guy. And here we have it, another Democrat for the masses, normalizing views that are absolutely abnormal in any other context.

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