Battlefield Los Angeles

Many solid blue cities have been overrun by radical leftists, riots and crime, but one that's not getting much attention is Los Angeles, where there is actual pushback.

That would be la-la land Los Angeles, the big city everyone otherwise makes fun of and Angelenos don't actually care if you do; the Los Angeles of the Ventura Boulevard that Tom Petty sang of, and the Santa Monica Boulevard that Sheryl Crow sang of.

But something big seems to be going on there, some kind of pushback reaction, and the left is not taking it well -- they're moving into pitched battles and violence.

It's in response to Trump billboards going up.



And street art making an impact:

Here's a link to Sabo's park bench in Los Angeles. And his Trump guerrilla street art.

And perhaps most unusual, openly pro-Trump rallies being held. 

In June, there was the Marina del Rey pro-Trump flotilla:



This weekend there was the car parade held on Ventura Boulevard on the northern rim of Los Angeles, to this effect.



Which in turn led to this:



There was also this, on the Beverly Hills side of Santa Monica Boulevard, according to Deadline Hollywood, the only outlet to cover it:

The Battle of Beverly Hills continued this weekend, as supporters of President Donald Trump and advocates of Black Lives Matter again faced off in a confrontation on Saturday.

One person was arrested and traffic was jammed up in the protest area at the Beverly Gardens Park, but no physical violence occurred, as had happened at previous protests there.

About 100 Trump supporters gathered in the park on Santa Monica Boulevard about 3 PM. There, they were met by counter-protesters. After some angry words were exchanged, police soon shut down the area, claiming a suspicious item was located. It was later determined not be dangerous.

That moved the confrontation to Rodeo Drive.

It wasn't the first Beverly Hills rally for Trump, either, I noted an earlier one this same month in this blog here.

Now, I don't want to read way too much into this because, as one leftist noted on Twitter, Los Angeles leftists can easily bring 750,000 people into the streets and these pro-Trump rallies amounted to a thousand people at most. But the pushback is notable. It's unafraid, it's out there, it's not hiding in the silent majority. Better still, it's not the strange cult-like stuff of some counter-groups that supposedly favor Trump seen in other leftist-plagued cities, these Los Angeles expressions have every sign of being pro-active rather than reactive (these aren't people showin up with guns looking for a rumble with Antifa) and the participants are grassroots people.

Los Angeles is supposedly hopelessly leftwing, and not just leftwing, but apolitical, a la-la land of Hollywood wannabes, Kim Kardashian and the songs of Sheryl Crowe, Tom Petty, Weezer, which doesn't work well with politics. Lightweight Hollywood actresses who speak out on crazy left things are singing for their supper, trying to get acting roles by pleasing the Hollywood bosses, in a modern day version of the casting couch, though the real one is still out there, too.

Now we're seeing the reemergence of Reagan Country, open, out there, unapologetic, and real. While it's not big, it's clearly growing. And if it keeps growing, well...draw your own conclusions.


Image credit: Twitter screen shots, enhanced with FotoSketcher.

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