Pro-Trump, and boldly showing it in Beverly Hills

No, the mainstream press isn't going to cover it, but 400 "protestors" showed up in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, for a pro-Trump rally.

According to The Right Scoop, which has an excellent tweet summary and photo show:

You won’t see these patriots gathered in Hollywood in any big splashy report on CNN. They won’t do puff pieces on anyone there like they did on Oregon warlords and Antifa rioters. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy the images and sounds from this gathering of HUNDREDS.

Fox Los Angeles had some reporters covering it, and of course social media has the truth that the rest of the MSM don’t want you to know about.

Well, gee. Isn't everyone supposed to hate Trump? Especially in wealthy enclaves tied to showbiz, such as historically wealthy Beverly Hills and gay West Hollywood? Isn't West Hollywood the place where they hung Sarah Palin in effigy and Democrats raised money from pervy Ed Buck? Isn't Beverly Hills the home of Hollywood's lefty directors and trashy pop stars and so full of leftists that President Obama could tie up traffic there to raise campaign cash?  I know, I lived through it.

To see this kind of demonstration is heartening indeed, because I know that those parts are not 100% left-wing, not the way you would find in some places such as San Francisco's Mission District or New York's hipster Brooklyn neighborhoods. Beverly Hills, to its credit, resisted looting from Black Lives Matter protestors, declaring demonstrations of more than ten people COVID risks and putting its cops out in force. There are Trump people in there. There are even precincts that vote majority red.

This march had a few local attractions, including the amiable actor Scott Baio, who's well known to be a Republican, and Brandon Straka, a well-known hairdresser who is also the founder of #WalkAway, a group for Democrats who are tired of the nonsense coming from their party. 

The day was bright and the people came out. What this suggests is that people are getting less afraid to express their views, and there's a stirring Silent Majority that doesn't want to see it all taken away if socialism gets the hooks in with the coming election.

The photos are most enjoyable:



Image credit: Fox News Twitter screen shot

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