A Canadian view of Black Lives Matter

Looking from remote Nova Scotia at the turmoil plaguing the U.S., some things stand out from this distance:
Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder, Patrice Cullors described herself and her fellow organizers as "trained Marxists." Let that sink in.
This group also despises Israel (declaring it an "Apartheid state"), while supporting those Palestinians who don't recognize Israel's right to exist and, truth be told, favor its obliteration. It's also as far from our values in the West as possible.
Stateside, a BLM activist is demanding that Jesus statues be torn down.
They want to abolish police forces and kill cops ("dead cops now" and "pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon"). They vandalize property and beat people up.
They want the nuclear family abolished (what are they to do with those who wish to remain in nuclear families? Throw them in jail, assuming they don't abolish jails? Send them to Gulags? Kill them? Have they seriously thought this through?). 
BLM Toronto co-founder Yusra Khogali claims whites are "recessive genetic defects" and mused about how they could be "wiped out." 
Topping it off, they want those who never owned slaves to pay reparations to those who never were slaves; a shakedown if ever there was one.
If you agree with all or much of the above, by all means support Black Lives Matter. Otherwise, it pays to think twice before bending the knee in sycophantic submission.
Image credit: Logo, public domain
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