Your light skin is now your yellow star

It is amazing how closely the Antifa movement is tracking Nazi practices in Hitler Europe. Antifa’s colors come from its German parent organization, called Antifaschistishe Aktion. Street fighting for bloody headlines was part and parcel of the Nazi campaign for power (just as it was for Lenin, Stalin and Mao). Spreading public fear and ethnic hatreds looks like 1930s all over again. At least one famous funder of Antifa experienced the pre-Nazi era in Hungary in the 30s and 40s, namely György Soros (formerly, Schwartz), who might or might not be pulling the strings.  Street theater is a major ingredient in today's nihilist-totalitarian gangs, and political polarization is coming along nicely. There is something oddly stereotypical about today's headlines, as if all the Theater Arts and Media Studies majors in the land have carefully learned the agitprop lessons of the worst catastrophe in the history of Europe and Asia.  English speaking nations...(Read Full Post)
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