What Columbus wrought

On July 1, the Christopher Columbus statue was removed from the park named after him in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The statue was sculpted in Italy and brought to Atlantic City in 1958 for $7,000.  That money was raised from many years of spaghetti dinners, raffles, and other fundraising events by Italian-American volunteers.  It was their way of showing both pride in their heritage and love for America. It was taken down within a month of other Columbus statues being torn down or vandalized in other cities. People who hate America have many reasons to hate Columbus.  They hate him for bringing Europeans to America.  They are angry that Europeans settled in America and created the United States.  They refuse to recognize that the United States brought more wealth, freedom, opportunity, and justice to more people than any nation in history.  They condemn America for enslaving blacks.  They ignore the two...(Read Full Post)
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