What characterizes the left? Childishness

New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio, unarguably the worst mayor in NY history, is so immature he is spending money his city does not have to paint Black Lives Matter on 5th Avenue in front of Trump Tower.  

Because of COVID, he has now banned all public gatherings except BLM protests!  He is a child in the throes of a tantrum.  The mayor of D.C. did the same thing; and she did it first.  Mayor Muriel Bowser declared the area in front of the White House "Black Lives Plaza."  Cute. 

Then there's New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is legitimately responsible for the deaths of thousands of his state’s elderly, by ordering COVID patients into nursing homes with the highly contagious -- and lethal for the elderly -- illness.  After bitterly whining that he needed hospital beds, ventilators, PPE, etc., and seeing how Trump delivered everything he asked for, like a child he refused to use the ship or field hospitals Trump had provided.   

It is this puerile, bad-tempered  behavior that characterizes all of the left.  Since Trump was elected president, they have thrown a perpetual tantrum, betraying the emptiness of their agenda.  What is their agenda?  They want what they want when they want it.  When they don’t get what they want, they act out like crazed toddlers whose toys have been taken from them. Then, like the bullies they are, they spend every waking moment determined to get their way, no matter the cost or damage done. 

They tried to effect a coup, to overthrow President Trump with a carefully orchestrated plan to frame him for collusion with Russia. That has blown up in their faces.  

They tried impeachment over a phone call. Another fail. 

Not a day has gone by in four years that the left in coordination with the media has not been actively trying to destroy the man.  

Since the brutal death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the man whose name neither House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nor Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer could remember, the Democrats have continued to be on the side of the nation-destroyers. Pelosi, when asked about the destruction of statues, said, “People will do what they do."

Not a single Democrat has spoken out against the violence of BLM or Antifa.  They all are apparently onboard  with the defund the police campaign.  

The Democrats seem to believe that their support of these mobs will win them votes.  Whose votes?  MS13?  The members of that criminal organization would certainly support the Breathe Act proposed by Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Presley in support of BLM.  It calls for the shuttering  of all federal prisons and immigration detention centers. How is that for magical thinking?  Only children too young to reason would think such an act would reduce crime and increase the safety of law-abiding citizens.  Cuomo and California's Gov. Gavin Newsom keep releasing violent criminals from their prisons and then wonder why gun sales and the crime rate in their states have spiked more sharply than cases of COVID.  Like every anchor on CNN and MSNBC, these moonbats are spoiled, miseducated foolish persons in position of power and may well be the death of America.  Reason and logic are mysteries to them. 

Another egregious example of childlike behavior is Judge Emmet Sullivan, another leftist who has been exhibiting a months-long fit of infantile rage over the DOJ’s dismissal of the case against Gen. Michael Flynn.  He has refused to abide by the order and continues to try every trick he can think of to keep Flynn trapped in the legal limbo set in motion by the cabal of corrupt traitors who sought to use Flynn to take Trump down.  

The president commuted the prison sentence of Roger Stone on Friday night, which has sent the inane leftist media into a frenzy of indignation.  Stone was not guilty of anything but the left media are melting down while confirmed criminal liars like James Comey, Andrew McCabe, James Clapper, et al walk around free as birds.  If and when any of them are indicted, the media will suffer a collective apoplectic seizure. 

Then there is the 1619 Project, the entirely fictionalized version of America’s founding meant to assuage black Americans who have chosen to embrace the culture of victimhood with which they’ve been so carefully taught.  Its author, Nikole Hannah-Jones, is the ultimate spoiled child bent upon destroying not only America but her fellow black Americans.  The far left that has an iron grip on American education is pushing it into our schools to further mis-educate American youth.  Any and all legitimate historians can and have invalidated her work with ease but does anyone care?  She won a Pulitzer for her nonsense “project” that only a child could take seriously.  Our left for decades now has promoted a host of false narratives meant to deceive and thus control a mesmerized populace. 

Back to Black Lives Matter, so deferential  to them is the left, their overt anti-Semitism is being normalized.  The vandalization and looting in Los Angeles included swastikas on synagogues and Jewish businesses.  Did any on the left denounce this?  Not one.  Not even those who are Jewish.  BLM is viciously anti-Israel as well.  Has Schumer said a word?  Of course not. He is as fearful of this mob of benighted thugs as Republicans are fearful of our savage media and the beyond-childish cancel culture.  God forbid a leftist be confronted with an opposing view.  Like all those screaming, screeching young white women we see shouting at police, the lot of them are just spoiled, pampered children who have been given free rein to lay waste to the country that has provided them with the unfettered freedom to behave so abominably.

There can no longer be any doubt that the Democratic Party is now a thoroughly radicalized, anti-American left bent upon “transforming” this country.  Since the 1960s, the Alinsky radicals have made enormous headway.  They have seen to it that at least two, perhaps three generations of young people have been carefully taught not to feel immense gratitude for their good fortune of being born and/or raised here but to condemn and despise this great nation.  The ancient goal of teaching our young to think critically has been cancelled; now they are taught  to almost mindlessly comply with whatever edicts are issued by their teachers or those of the elected and unelected bureaucrats.  

The media and Dr. Anthony Fauci-hyped hysteria over COVID has proven to those powers that be just how successful the left has been.  

Orwell would be shocked; he thought he was writing fiction.  The witless submission of so many citizens  to social distancing and compulsory wearing of face masks is a case in point.  Too many Americans believe whatever the media spew.  The destruction of the most successful economy thanks to Trump had to be sabotaged at any cost.  The successful rendering of so many to a permanent childhood characterized by identity politics, stage-managed victimhood, and submissive compliance to an authoritarian left is the disease that those of us who support President Trump have long sought to reverse.  He is truly the last man standing between the disaster that has befallen Venezuela most recently but countless other nations throughout history.

This nation that was built on freedom and the equality of opportunity that has made U.S. citizenship the most valued in the world.  

Image credit: Pixabay public domain

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