Trump's press conference hit it out of the park

With any future plans of his signature rallies on indefinite hold and Biden's Basement Blathers now in place of any public rallies for the former V.P., President Trump's solo press conference Tuesday was a welcome and needed event. 

He also announced that this would be a frequent occurrence for the foreseeable future.  While it lasted only less than 30 minutes, there were some elements of note:

1. This was Trump, Trump, and nothing but the Trump.  Gone (seemingly for the time being, anyway) are the days of Trump vs. the establishment doctors, including the now highly discredited Dr. Anthony Fauci (or, as I like to call him, "Dr. Fauxci") as well as the recent fawning over Governor Andrew ("Adolf") Cuomo's handling of the coronavirus in the state of New York — which led to the death sentencing of thousands of nursing home patients.

2. Trump leveled with the American people.  He said the situation with the coronavirus will probably get worse before it gets better.  Although, he wasn't clear on just how it would.  But rest assured: the anti-Trump media (and yes, as well as some governors, mayors, and local prosecutors) will do their level best to make this Trump prediction come to fruition.

3. Most Trump pressers feature their customary share of "snarks" in the peanut gallery.  And just as customary as "Heeeeeeeere's Johnny" on the old Tonight Show, this did not disappoint their Trump-hating fans.  A little more than halfway through the presser, a reporter asked about the coronavirus and Trump's assertion that it would get worse, before it gets better, with "... if it does get worse and Americans keep dying, are you responsible?"  This one was on the level of "How many deaths are acceptable to you?"  Somehow, I highly doubt this same reporter would ask the same question to Barack Obama or "President" Hillary Clinton.

4. Trump reporting good news as only he can and only he will.  Since he is not part of the media "clickbait" apparati, he reported statistics that the media will never touch except to dissect and delegitimize and discredit.  For example, the U.S. holds the lowest case fatality rate, or CFR (3.7%), among nearly all major developed counties such as France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom and against collective countries classified in the graphic shown as "European Union," "Europe," and "world," according to the European CDC.  In addition, he announced that two vaccine candidates are in their final stages of testing and that the U.S. military is ready to take the reins in the distribution of the ones that become publicly available, making the prospect of a vaccine in our bloodstreams and a "return to normal" just that much more anticipatory. 

5. Leaving without lingering.  In the past, President Trump was notorious for lingering at his press conferences to take the questions yelled at him, which happens to any president.  When he concluded the presser, it was a simple "thank you," a turn, and exiting the room.  This is much more effective (IMO) than lingering to catch "one more question."  It shows the reporters just who is boss.

President Trump needs more of these solo pressers.  These will serve multiple purposes.

1. Level with and inform the American people as to the latest U.S. dealings with the coronavirus that the media will not report.

2. Everyone will see him "front and center" while Joe Biden remains hunkered down and gaffes his way to the finish line.

3. Many media prognosticators predict that no debates will actually occur between Biden and Trump (as Biden can only "lose" from them), and one of the Democrat surrogate advisers, Thomas Friedman (no self-relation) has advised against any debate before a condition happens he knows will never occur.  This is in spite of Biden's public assurance that he will take part in such debates.  In this light, these pressers may be the closest we will see to a presidential debate.

4. It will only help his (allegedly) sagging poll numbers.

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