The woke white woman: America's latest casualty in the culture wars

Stella Morabito over at the Federalist has just written a masterful piece describing a bizarre new phenomenon in America: the woke white woman.  The article is called "Why Do So Many White Women Hate Themselves?"

Why, indeed?

These young, middle-class white women can be found spitting harangues into the faces of police officers, including black officers, trying to lecture and shame them into obedience, writes Morabito, plus more:  

We saw many of them acting up in the "autonomous zone" of CHAZ or CHOP in Seattle, condescendingly guarding a "blacks only" area.  We've also seen these women physically attacking those they deem the enemy, including a Democrat state legislator in Wisconsin.  A 29-year-old white woman was arrested for setting fire to the Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta after the police altercation and shooting there last month.  Another was filmed setting fire to police cars.  The list goes on. 

Morabito goes on to compare the woke white woman of today with Patty Hearst, an average 19-year-old undergrad who was kidnapped in February 1974 and subsequently brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), a black communist front group much like Black Lives Matter.  After six weeks of captivity, Hearst turned on her family and her country and joined the SLA.  She was found and arrested 16 months later, by which time she was a fugitive wanted for serious crimes committed with members of the group.  Hearst later admitted that her brainwashing was so complete that she had no free will, no sense of self, and couldn't even think her own thoughts.

Back to today, Morabito makes the case that these sheltered little woke white woman zombies are groomed through K–12 and college, the Democrat-media complex, diversity training, white privilege workshops, and similar settings to virtually lose contact with reality just like Patty Hearst.  "Finally, she becomes a deployable agent for the cause, willing to engage in out-of-character activities once she crosses the Rubicon and joins up with the Marxist Black Lives Matter cult."

There is a lesson here.  Today, the elements of radical leftist cultural indoctrination are virtually everywhere, and they must be aggressively confronted.  That means we must all roll up our sleeves and get to work to defeat the woke white woman and her communist emotional captors.  Patty Hearst has recovered her senses, thankfully.  So can they.

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