The SPLC and transgender

We recently received a “survey” from the  notable hate-group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which points tainted fingers at groups standing up for free speech, conservatism, and the current non-Democrat  government.

The purpose of such surveys is clear when you turn the page over and there is a panel asking for support. You’re supposed to check off all the yeses for all the issues the organization promotes and backs. Leaving the noes and “don’t knows” as a pretense of choice.

The SPLC money-grub survey is two sides of a long yellow-beige sheet bottomed by a perforated section for contributions in increments up from $25.

The focus of this latest one is that Democrat fave, “voter suppression,” which exists rent-free in the ‘minds’ of liberals and uber-lefts convinced of their own moral probity and unquestioned truth. There were four questions on the chimera of suppression, when we know that minorities voted at an all-time high on the last  national election.

The survey erects the straw men of “white supremacy” on as many questions as they can transit under the pens of partisan Dem radicals.

Inflamed with their own self-righteousness, these questions for knee-jerk YES! Responses were followed by many questions on the plight of discriminated-against LGBTQ folk at work. Ow, how tragic, and how infrequent is this even a phantom issue.

But the plums in the pudding are the more than a few questions on discrimination in schools of “transgender children.”

Who sees “transgender children” outside of the handful maybes in San Francisco or the Village?

The truth is that, as we all know,  children cannot buy beer, go bowling, or vote until they are allegedly old enough to  know what it is they are pledging allegiance to, paying for, or undertaking on their own.

Even discussing letting children abruptly halt their hormonal development bringing them to adolescence and beyond is what we call "child abuse."

Mind you: Not a question on statue molestation and beheading, looting and burning of our history and culture, far-left crazies defacing our buildings, increased murder and escalating crime in all our major cities. No. Trans kids is their peculiar focus.

Children can choose the socks they want to wear. Their favorite animal in the zoo. And what they want for Chanukah or Xmas. They do not comprehend, nor will they for many years hence, what changing their gender might mean for the rest of their [altered] lives. They cannot reverse the course after a certain point.

Parents don’t let children destroy their growth patterns and external genitalia unless they are very, very confused about what constitutes being a parent.

So the off-yellow two-sider indignantly expects the reader/donor-to-be to respond “Yes, they have witnessed the school system “discriminate against  children who have been able to confuse and intimidate their louche, insouciant wokish parents into life-changing, health-challenging transformations that should await the maturation of these children.  (Studies being completed and ongoing have suggested that transgendering, with its chemical super-sizings shortens the lives of those undergoing these massive injections and meddling with anatomy and hormone tides. Such studies, predictably, can be expected to be suppressed far more religiously than any minority rights to voting might be.)

“Trans kids” is a straw-man contradiction. Trans kids means look at the feckless, irresponsible, and unprincipled parents. It is child abuse, not a topic for indignant triploid questions on a survey targeted to appeal to biased, hate-filled wealth-aggregating scabrous zealous culture cancellers.

Children, like all people in need of shelter until they are ready and capable of self-defense and decision-making, must be protected from making such irreversible inflexion points, the biggest of big decisions.

Even if it’s not cool to actually parent with an eye to the child’s best future.

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