The Los Angeles teacher union issues its ransom demand note

There's currently a debate about whether students should return to school in the fall or have distance learning only.  The Trump administration is pushing for a return to normal, while leftists, reflexively, are pushing back against the idea.  United Teachers Los Angeles ("UTLA"), the teachers' union controlling more than 500,000 public school students in Los Angeles County, has decided that, with parents effectively held hostage, it's time to make its demands, and what demands they are! In a sane world, teachers who are concerned about health would be focused on the actual risks to children and teachers in classrooms, as well as ways to mitigate those risks — all while recognizing that there is no such thing as perfect safety.  For example, with regard to the Arizona teacher who died when she and two other teachers caught the Wuhan virus, although her death is undoubtedly a tragedy, she had severe existing health...(Read Full Post)
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