Reagan said 'Make America Great Again'

Reported at Townhall, the Army gave a handout that said the slogan "Make America Great Again" is to be classified as "white supremacy."  The Military Times reports some of the phrases and incidents that also denote white supremacy.

Lynchings, hate crimes, the n-word, swastikas, and burning crosses are among those things considered "overt white supremacy," according to the handout.  "Make America Great Again," "Eurocentric Education," "not challenging racist jokes," and "Celebration of Columbus Day" are among the many phrases and actions considered "covert white supremacy," according to the handout.

Some of the items on the list no one disagrees with.  But others are simply left-wing bias.  However, the Army is investigating the incident, saying it will keep the standard of being apolitical.

It may interest the Army that Reagan really did say twice, "Make America Great Again" in his "kick-off" (his term) speech (11:40 and 19:10) with the Statue of Liberty in the background, on September 1, 1980.  This background imagery parallels President Trump's Mt. Rushmore speech (though Reagan was a much more rhetorically polished speaker than Trump).

The fact that Reagan said something won't satisfy the irrational witch-hunters who see that nearly everything is racist.  Maybe the Army's German and Dutch Shepherds should just be called Shepherds and Shepherdesses — too much white supremacy otherwise.  Belgian Malinois are too Eurocentric. 

All the nonsense must stop.  It has long since become oppressive as the original witch hunts in late-seventeenth Massachusetts were.  At least the authorities later apologized for letting things get out of hand. 

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